Chapter 67: A Gentleman Prefers Death to Humiliation

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An Xiaxia shook her head earnestly and nibbled at her fingers. “I have no hope other than Rong Che oppa.”

Sheng Yize swore she would give him a stroke one day.

“You imbecile!”

“You’re insulting me again? Sheng Yize, let’s duel, man to man! A gentleman prefers death to humiliation!” Rolling up her sleeves, An Xiaxia stepped onto the flower bed where she could take advantage of the height and look down at Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize smiled mockingly. An Xiaxia might be much higher up now, but that didn’t affect his imposing manner in the slightest. Instead, An Xiaxia was the one who shrunk back.

“I see you know your idioms, so don’t go blank in the Chinese examination!” Sheng Yize stormed off after that quick remark.

Qi Yanxi watched their interaction, apparently intrigued.

So, he had guessed it correctly. This girl was a special one to Sheng Yize…

That ability to irritate that expressionless Sheng Yize could almost be considered a superpower.

He slowly walked toward her. However, when An Xiaxia turned around and spotted him, the look on her face changed abruptly. She then jumped off the flower bed and scrambled away.

Qi Yanxi felt the corner of his mouth twitch — did she have to act like a frightened bird?

He was a cute guy. Why was she running away from him?

Glancing at the direction she was running in, the twitching only got worse.

Seriously? That woman was running into the girls’ washroom?

Did she take him as one of those perverts that would beat up a woman?

Little did he know, to An Xiaxia, he was synonymous with a red alert now.

An Xiaxia hid in the bathroom until the next exam was about to start. Only then did she gingerly walk out and return to her exam room.

Qi Yanxi was indeed much more tolerable this time and An Xiaxia was able to perform normally.

She finished all the questions, rechecked her answers, and handed in the exam paper.

Outside, Kang Jian and Su Xiaomo were already waiting for her — the three hadn’t been in the same exam room.

Su Xiaomo had the best grades among the three, so it was understandable that she had handed in her paper early. But why had the blockhead Kang Jian handed his in early as well?

“Wow, Worthless Kang, you finished yours early! Which answers did you choose for the multiple choice questions?” asked An Xiaxia curiously.

Kang Jian rubbed his head. “I can’t remember. I made dice out of scraps of paper and rolled it to pick my answer!”

An Xiaxia: “…”

“Ignore him. He’s not right up here,” said Su Xiaomo, pointing at her temple. She then dragged An Xiaxia away to have lunch, with Kang Jian howling behind them and accusing Su Xiaomo of stealing his childhood sweetheart away.

When Sheng Yize gathered his things and went out, he found to his great displeasure that An Xiaxia was long gone.

That ungrateful little idiot.

Qi Yanxi came out after him, humming some random tune. “Sheng Yize, when are you going to settle this account with me? You still owe me for that thing back then…”

Sheng Yize interrupted him bluntly before he could finish the sentence. “Excuse me, but I don’t think we’re familiar enough for small talk.”

Qi Yanxi was taken aback, then laughed angrily. “You really are something, Sheng Yize. I see you’re not only a star and a singer, you’re also an excellent actor now…”

Sheng Yize ignored his taunting words and kept walking away with his hands in his pockets.

Qi Yanxi wasn’t satisfied and shouted after him, “You can’t hide from me! Just wait and see; we’ll meet again soon enough! I’ll have you pay me back everything you owe me!”

Sheng Yize paused a little at this, but resumed his normal walking speed soon enough and indifferently left the scene.

Bristling with anger, Qi Yanxi clenched his fists so tightly that blue veins bulged on the backs of his hands.

Li Canxing happened to walk past at that moment and she halted the moment she saw Qi Yanxi.

Why… had he come back?