Chapter 674: You Mean the World to Me (6)

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Had it not been for her, maybe he would still be playing the piano now and might have stayed in showbiz.

He used to be the nation’s idol and the most brilliant boy in the crowd.

An Xiaxia let go of his hand timidly and Sheng Yize glared at her. “Enjoyed yourself?!”

“Sorry…” An Xiaxia apologized, then found a bandaid in her bag. “Here…”

Sheng Yize rolled his eyes. “Do you seriously think I’ll put that stupid thing on my hand?”

What would others think of a grownup man with a pink Hello Kitty bandaid on his hand?

An Xiaxia sniffled, then took out a blue Doraemon one. “How about this one?”

That was even more childish!

Sheng Yize looked disgruntled, but snatched the two bandaids from her hand right away. “Go away, now.”

“Oh…” An Xiaxia lowered her head and did as bid.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Sheng Yize shouted.

An Xiaxia turned around, looking confused. “You told me to go away.”

“Why can’t you go away in my direction?!” Sheng Yize snapped.

An Xiaxia pondered for a moment before saying, “I’m afraid I don’t understand your request…”

Sob … Sheng Yize was so terrifying now! He was such a fiend!

So cranky!

Sheng Yize was so angry that he broke into laughter. “Fine, I’ll show you!”

He quickly went up to An Xiaxia, held her face in his hands, and pressed his lips to hers!

Streams of people walked past them and everyone darted them envious looks. The man was tall and handsome and the woman was petite and sweet. It was like a scene from a romantic drama.

Sheng Yize licked his lips after that kiss, as if he hadn’t had enough.

“That’s how you do it. See you,” he said indifferently before getting into his car and leaving.

An Xiaxia stood there, utterly baffled. Gosh, had Sheng Yize lost his mind?

In the car.

Sheng Yize carefully put on both the blue and the pink bandaids. The driver was surprised. “Young Master, did you get injured? Shall we go to a hospital?”

“It’s nothing, just a rabbit bite…” Sheng Yize gave him a crooked smile. “To Xiaoxiang Pavilion. I’m having spicy rabbit head tonight!”

The driver shuddered. Gosh, his young master was so terrifying!

He ran into a few business partners at dinner and struck up a conversation. One of them laughed. “Mr. Sheng, why the childish bandaid?”

Sheng Yize retorted, enunciating each word, “Childish, is it?”

The look on his face made everyone else jittery and they immediately switched to ingratiating tones. “No, of course not… It’s not childish at all! It looks great on you!”

Sheng Yize smiled broadly, flashing eight perfect white teeth, which gave the others goosebumps.

“I think so, too.”


The intersection was only a block away from An Xiaxia’s home. Someone then patted her on the shoulder.

She turned around to see a man in black and big sunglasses staring at her.

An Xiaxia jumped. “What do you want? Kidnapping me?! I have bodyguards!”

A short distance away, her covert bodyguards were rushing toward her.

However, the man in black then gave a 90-degree bow and said with reverence, “Miss! Master has invited you to have dinner in Xiaoxiang Pavilion!”

Kidnappers nowadays had such flamboyant plots!

“What will happen if I refuse?” An Xiaxia asked cautiously.

The man in black gave her an awkward look, then dropped to his knees with a thump!

“Aww! Miss! Please go~ Pretty please~”