Chapter 679: You Mean the World to Me (11)

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An Xiaxia shuddered at his bellow and wiped her tears, looking very pitiful.

“I, I really need to go now…”

“That’s not something she can control. Brother An, life is too beautiful for you to be this agitated.” Sheng Yize fought back his laughter and picked An Xiaxia up in both arms.

An Yibei couldn’t stop roaring, “Put my sister down! Hey, where are you taking her?!”

“To the toilet.”

“Push, then… after you finish, clean yourself with this.” As if he was holding the holy grail, Sheng Yize solemnly put some toilet paper in An Xiaxia’s hands.

An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly. “Yes, I’ll do my best!”

“Go ahead.”

An Xiaxia went proudly into the toilet. Behind her, An Yibei smacked his own forehead.

What had he just witnessed? Oh god, please make him forget!

Sheng Yize managed to keep his composure and even struck up a conversation with An Yibei. “Is she going back to the Song family?”

“We don’t have a choice.” An Yibei sighed. “Wait, why the hell are you here? Try anything else and you’ll see my wrath!”

Sheng Yize played along. “Hm, I can’t wait.”


After accomplishing her major task, An Xiaxia was stuffed back into the car. Before An Yibei could start the car, a young woman jumped out desperately and blocked the way. “Where’s An Xiaxia? Get out of the car!”

An Yibei adjusted his glasses and rolled down the window. “Move!”

“I won’t!” the woman screamed hysterically. “An Xiaxia! You bitch! Why you… Why?! Get out now!”

An Yibei was never known for his good temper. He hit the gas pedal right away. The woman didn’t expect him to start the car and screamed as she jumped out of the way.

“Qingwan… that’s enough.” Mr. Song hurried over just then, panting heavily. He was getting old, after all.

An Yibei raised an eyebrow. No wonder he found the woman familiar. So, she was that girl who had pretended to be Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart back then…

In other words, she was Mr. Song’s illegitimate daughter!

He stopped the car and got ready to enjoy the show.

Song Qingwan took the opportunity to pull the door open and grabbed An Xiaxia by her head. “Get out, you coward!”

An Xiaxia was still drunk. She had almost fallen asleep when Song Qingwan woke her up. Disgruntled, she kicked the woman!

She was too drunk to control her strength and didn’t hold back with that kick. Song Qingwan fell to the ground right away.

Arms over her stomach, Song Qingwan wept with grievance. “Why… why are you Daddy’s daughter? Why are you still alive? Why do you have to show up?! Daddy is mine and mine alone! You’re not taking him away…”

Mr. Song was furious. This daughter of his was completely unreasonable!

An Xiaxia rubbed her eyes and shouted back at her, equally childish. “My dad is mine! He’s not your dad!”

By “dad,” An Xiaxia meant An Liguo, which Song Qingwan misunderstood. “No! He’s mine! Mine!”

“No, he’s not! Hmph! No, no, no!” The drunk An Xiaxia grimaced at her.

Song Qingwan howled, “You’re not going back home! I won’t allow it!”

“Yes, I am! Dad, I want to go home!” An Xiaxia said briskly. She then looked around like a headless fly. “Dad, where are you? Dad… Dad!”

Papa An had left already and Mr. Song was the only dad at the scene. He watched An Xiaxia in disbelief, his lips quivering. “Yes… yes, Dad is here!”