Chapter 68: Aren’t You Going to Apologize to Me? (1)

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A look of bewilderment and fluster flashed across her face and she stumbled. A passing student was kind enough to lend her a hand and asked with concern, “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine.” Li Canxing shook her head and tried to get away as fast as she could. She didn’t want Qi Yanxi to see her.

However, their conversation caught Qi Yanxi’s attention, and he turned around and saw the pale-faced Li Canxing.

Qi Yanxi raised an eyebrow and reached her in a few strides.

Li Canxing was shivering uncontrollably and tried to flee the scene, but Qi Yanxi caught her by her arm.

“Canxing? Long time no see. Why are you hiding from me?” The smile on Qi Yanxi’s face looked wicked.

Li Canxing steadied herself and forced a smile. “Young Master Qi, weren’t you abroad? I didn’t know you were back.”

“I see you don’t want me back,” said Qi Yanxi, his eyes flickering dangerously. He then said slowly, “Don’t forget to say hello to your sister for me.”

The canteen.

An Xiaxia fiddled with the rice in her bowl with flagging interest, while Kang Jian who was sitting beside her had wolfed down two large bowls. Seeing that she wasn’t eating, he mumbled with a full mouth, “Xiaxia Wifey, why aren’t you eating?”

Before An Xiaxia could say anything, Su Xiaomo’s spoon landed on his forehead. “You idiot! How many times have I told you not to call Dummy Xia your wife! You’re an idiot and she’s a dummy, how miserable your children will be if you two end up together!”

Kang Jian seemed to be using his brain for once. “Not really. Two negatives make a positive, so our kids will be very smart. Right, Xiaxia Wifey?”

“Worthless Kang! One more word and I’m stuffing this rice up your nose!” roared An Xiaxia. She then turned to Su Xiaomo sadly. “You stabbed my heart again and I have to forgive you as I always do…”

Su Xiaomo snickered with her hand over her mouth. She then recalled the gentle teenager in the white shirt this morning and moved closer to An Xiaxia with flashing eyes. “Dummy Xia, does He Jiayu have a girlfriend?”

“That’s private and I don’t really know.” An Xiaxia was still jabbing at her rice.

“Gosh, aren’t you all living together? Is he calling any girl all the time and chatting with her?” Su Xiaomo pressed on.

“I don’t think so…”

Su Xiaomo’s face lit up at that and she smacked the table. “Behold! I’m going to conquer He Jiayu!”

An Xiaxia and Kang Jian looked at her as if she had lost her mind.

“Damn it! What’s with those looks on your faces? Aren’t you going to wish your best friend good luck in her future love life?” Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes.

“Between you and me… well, the possibility of you being with that He… oh, He Jiayu, is lower than me having twin babies with Xiaxia.”

“… That’s enough! I’m not going to have any babies with you! Not in a million years!” An Xiaxia lunged at Kang Jian with her soft little fists.

Meanwhile, several girls in Year 3 sitting at the next table were gossiping under their breaths.

“Oh my god, Qi Yanxi really is back! He fired a teacher on the spot in Exam Room 6!”

“Hm… he was indeed his old self. Teehee, he’s not gentle, but I like it.”

“Me, too. I so want to be his girlfriend…”

A girl sitting at the next table heard this and her spoon dropped out of her hand.

Looking around, she spotted An Xiaxia.

If she remembered correctly, An Xiaxia was in Exam Room 6 as well…

An Xiaxia was still quarrelling noisily with Kang Jian when a girl approached them timidly. “Hello, are you An Xiaxia?”