Chapter 680: You Mean the World to Me (12)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He was over the moon to hear An Xiaxia call him “dad.”

After over 20 years, his daughter had finally acknowledged him.

Tears streaked Mr. Song’s aged face as he went up to An Xiaxia and held her hand. “There, there. Qingchen, dad is right here. Don’t be afraid.”

An Yibei frowned a little at that name.

An Xiaxia tilted her head, her vision all blurry. She had taken Mr. Song for Papa An and smiled sweetly at him. “Dad… let’s go home…”

Song Qingwan collapsed to the ground.

Mr. Song seemed to have forgotten all about her. He never gave her a second look, and only held An Xiaxia tightly in his arms, completely forgetting himself.

When An Xiaxia sobered up the following day, An Yibei walked her through what she had done the previous night with an impassive face. The only thought in An Xiaxia’s head was: let me die .


Why did she have to drink? Why did she have to start a drunken brawl? How could she mistaken Mr. Song for Papa An?!

She banged her head on the wall twice, then fell back to her pillow, feeling dizzy.

An Yibei pursed his lips with disdain. “I know you’re not that smart, but I never thought you could be this dumb.”

An Xiaxia was hurt. “Brother, I don’t have a choice now. Will you miss me?”

“Nope,” An Yibei said indifferently.

Of course I will, he said in his head.

An Xiaxia had never felt this aggrieved. She huddled under her duvet like a hamster and wouldn’t talk to him.

An Yibei said, “I’m off to work now.”


She was left alone at home.

Her phone began to ring just then and she picked it up without checking the number, her tone snappish. “What?”

“Tsk, tsk, Little Dummy Xia, you’re getting grumpier these days~” A cocky voice came from the other end and it took An Xiaxia a moment to recognize it. “Qi Yanxi?”


“Ahhh! Hang up! Now! I don’t have international roaming on my phone, it’s so expensive to pick up your phone call!” An Xiaxia yelled.

The corner of Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched. “Don’t worry. It’s not.”


“I’m back.”


Qi Yanxi changed his position and smiled. “I’m at Yu City Airport now. Hold still. I’m headed for Ye City now.”

“Wait! I’m going back to Yu City tonight… Don’t bother,” An Xiaxia said in frustration.

Qi Yanxi said, “Why? Have you lost your mind and are ready to go back to Sheng Yize or have you finally decided to choose me instead?”



“I have another dad.” An Xiaxia sounded crestfallen. “I found my biological father and he’s Song Huan, as in Mr. Song! Big news, isn’t it?”

Qi Yanxi was silent for a moment, obviously shocked. He then said in an obsequious tone, “Dear Lord Xiaxia, the Song family has opened banks all over the world. If Mr. Song dies now and you inherit his wealth and shares, you’ll be, like, the richest person in the world. Have you realized that?”

An Xiaxia shuddered at his tone. “What are you getting at?”

“Do you need servants in your room? How about a very cute guy that has studied abroad and eats a lot?”

“Leave me alone!”

That same afternoon, An Xiaxia got into the car taking her to Yu City.

The driver was sent by Mr. Song and the inside smelled faintly of some incense, which made An Xiaxia sleepy. Before she knew it, she had closed her eyes…

When she woke up again, she was baffled.

The car was driving on a road in the middle of nowhere.

An Xiaxia asked in a trembling voice, “Where are we?”

The driver said in an emotionless voice, “On our way to the Song family home.”

An Xiaxia didn’t buy it. She spotted the WeChat message Qi Yanxi sent her just then and replied to it by sharing her current location. “Help!”