Chapter 685: The Heir Is Here (3)

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When he pushed the door open, the first thought that came to Sheng Yize’s mind was: could he tear Qi Yanxi to pieces now?

Even with the thick layer of gauze wrapped around his head, Qi Yanxi still wouldn’t lie still. Holding An Xiaxia’s hand, he whined, “It hurts… a lot… It’s killing me…”

An Xiaxia was shocked by the fact that his grip was still this tight even after he was so severely injured. “Um… could you let go of my hand first…”

“No!” Qi Yanxi cried in exasperation. “No, I won’t! If I do that, you’ll run away with that bastard Sheng Yize!”

“Um, don’t talk about him like that,” An Xiaxia said uneasily. Seeing that she was on Sheng Yize’s side, Qi Yanxi began to howl again. “Ouch! I’m in so much pain! You’ve broken my poor heart!”

“Qi Yanxi, knock it off…” An Xiaxia pushed him back down with much difficulty. Grabbing the opportunity, Qi Yanxi pouted his lips. “It hurts. I need a loving kiss to recover!”

An Xiaxia could never get used to Qi Yanxi when he tried to be cute. Just then, a resentful voice came from behind. “You want a kiss? I can make that happen.”

An Xiaxia turned around and saw Sheng Yize casually stroll in, smiling brightly. “Where do you want it? On your face, or… mouth?”

He deliberately spoke with a drawl, which frightened Qi Yanxi greatly. His pale face grew even paler!

“No, don’t! I don’t want it! Shit, aren’t you supposed to be in Ye City? Why are you here?” Qi Yanxi yelled.

“Because you’re here, my dear flower.” Sheng Yize kept smiling at Qi Yanxi and the latter finally leaned over the edge of his bed to puke.

“Please stop…” He surrendered.

Sheng Yize tugged An Xiaxia by the back of her collar. “Let’s go. The patient needs his rest.”

“But he’s throwing up…”

“The vomit is disgusting. Don’t look. It’ll give you an eye infection.” Sheng Yize swindled her into leaving.

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes in frustration.

Fine, Sheng Yize! I know I’m not your match!

Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia back to her ward to take a nap.

Mr. Song visited them later that day, claiming that he would get to the bottom of this.

An Xiaxia smiled self-mockingly. “Don’t bother… or I’ll end up being forced to apologize again.”

This smelled of Song Qingwan through and through! That driver had worked for Mr. Song for so many years. No one else would have been able to buy him off!

Mr. Song looked embarrassed. As a matter of fact, he had guessed as well that it had probably been Song Qingwan’s doing…

But after all, Song Qingwan was also his daughter…

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He said those words over and over again.

An Xiaxia couldn’t care less.

Mr. Song left the ward feeling defeated. The splendid neon lights outside only made him sadder.

His days were numbered, which was why he wanted to bring An Xiaxia back.

To make her the most privileged princess in the world and give her a carefree life, that was the only thing he could do for her.

As for Song Qingwan, it was time he taught her a lesson.

A week later.

Qi Yanxi had recovered in no time, not to mention An Xiaxia, who had spent the week sleeping and eating. She had even gained a few pounds.

One day, Sheng Yize took her shopping after work.

“Do men like shopping, too?” An Xiaxia was baffled.

“Nope. We’re shopping for you. Mr. Song is throwing a banquet for you in three days to introduce you to the whole of Yu City as his daughter.” Sheng Yize picked a few dresses for her, but An Xiaxia shook her head. “That’s too many!”

Sheng Yize gave her a sidelong glance, then instructed the shop assistant, “We’ll take everything else apart from these.”

“You… you’ve lost your mind!”

“I like buying things for you,” replied the scheming guy decisively.