Chapter 686: The Heir Is Here (4)

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An Xiaxia was rendered utterly speechless. She had never seen this side of Sheng Yize before…

Although she had said she didn’t need all those things, it sure felt great to have someone buy everything for her!

An Xiaxia looked like a kid who had just come out of the stone age as she followed Sheng Yize around while he swiped his card in one store after another.

After they walked through the entire shopping mall, Sheng Yize waved his hand in satisfaction. “Take them to the Sheng family home.”

Wait, weren’t all those things for her?

An Xiaxia looked disappointed. Sheng Yize caressed her cheek, his smile reminding her of an old fox. “I’ve bought them for my wife. Unfortunately, that’s not you yet. So, after you marry me, you can enjoy all of them…”

“I’m not that superficial!” An Xiaxia snorted before tugging at Sheng Yize’s sleeve with teary eyes. “All I want is that blue-striped dress and Hello Kitty pajamas… and the slippers and the cot…”

Sheng Yize refused her heartlessly. “Forget it.”

An Xiaxia looked like wizened fruit as she lowered her head and said in a plaintive voice, “Don’t talk to me. I need some solitude.”

“Who’s solitude? Why do you need him?”


Seeing the defeated look on the little woman’s face, Sheng Yize smiled with satisfaction.

It wasn’t so hard to make her get used to her role as Mrs. Sheng, after all.

Three days later.

An Xiaxia was taken to a stylist early in the morning. She changed into a pretty dress and was given a two-hour lecture on banquet etiquette before she could finally take a break.

Right now, she was playing with her phone in boredom on the second floor of the Song family home.

It had been a while since she had heard from that mysterious caller.

Nothing had happened to An Yibei or Papa An since the last time, but she didn’t know if it was because of the competent bodyguards or that the mysterious caller had stopped.

Before long, a servant came upstairs and bowed at her with reverence. “Miss, the banquet has started and it’s time for you to enter.”

An Xiaxia walked down the stairs, lifting the lower hem of her dress off the floor.

At the bottom, Mr. Song was speaking passionately into the microphone. “My daughter was born in the morning, hence her name ‘Qingchen 1 .’ We were separated when she was little and I’ve finally found her. I want nothing more in my life! I’m not only introducing her to all of you today, but more importantly, I’m also officially making the announcement that after my death, all the shares and properties of the Song Group will be inherited by Qingchen!”

The hall erupted. The Song family was a special case. Shares of most family businesses were scattered among numerous shareholders. The heirs of the Sheng and Qi families had no more than 50% of the shares of their families.

However, Mr. Song had been a tough player in his youth and had managed to keep all the shares to himself. He now held over 90% of the shares of the Song Group!

That was to say, the heiress of the Song family would be unfathomably rich!

“I wonder what she looks like…”

“Oh? Don’t tell me you have a marriage in mind as well.”

“Heh, with what Mr. Song has just said, half of Yu City will want to marry Miss Song now!”


An Xiaxia listened to the discussion in silence.

This was such a pragmatic world.

It didn’t matter, though. If she couldn’t change it, she would find a way to live with it in the most comfortable way for herself.

Brushing her hair back, she slowly walked down the stairs.

The guests in the hall turned toward her in unison and a hush fell over the room.

An Xiaxia batted her eyelashes and smiled sweetly.

Crack —

A man dropped his champagne glass as he stared at An Xiaxia in astonishment.

The heiress to the Song family was… An Xiaxia?