Chapter 687: The Heir Is Here (5)

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It was quite a loud noise, which attracted much attention. Some of his acquaintances couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Sheng, are you alright?”

Sheng Qingyi smiled awkwardly. “My hand slipped. It comes with age, hoho.”

The others didn’t think much of it and turned their attention back to the daughter of the Song family.

The black dress set off her fair skin and with her delicate features, her smile had a stunning beauty to it. Her style was somewhere between a grown-up woman and a teenage girl, which gave her an even more refreshing and sweet look.

It was said that her name meant “lovely enough to cause the fall of a city.”

Miss Song was indeed beautiful enough to be called that.

Sheng Yize stood in a corner, sipping his wine.

He didn’t like the idea of his woman being gawked at, but he had to admit that An Xiaxia had stunned them all as soon as she showed up.

Including… Flower Qi, who was drooling beside him.

Qi Yanxi smiled dumbly. “Xiaxia is quite a sight after a little makeover!”

Sheng Yize glared at him. “Are you saying that she’s not without makeup?”

Qi Yanxi broke into a cold sweat. “Of course not… She’s always pretty.”

“Heh, keep your eyes off my wife, will you? Don’t you know that you’re supposed to keep some distance from your buddy’s wife?” Sheng Yize began to lecture him.

Qi Yanxi was vexed. “Screw you! You’re not married — you’re not even her boyfriend! Stop calling her your wife! I’m not giving up that easily like I did seven years ago! She’s fair game and I’ll marry Xiaxia!”

Sheng Yize knew better than anyone else that Qi Yanxi was very capable of doing that.

He had thrived abroad in the past few years and had made a name for himself on Wall Street for his successful investments. The guy was no less talented than Sheng Yize himself.

Unfortunately… the two of them had grown up together and he knew exactly what Qi Yanxi’s weakness was.

Sheng Yize said casually, “Is that so? But she’s already with child and it’s mine.”

Qi Yanxi’s glowing face instantly turned white as a sheet.

“Are you f**king kidding me? Xiaxia is pregnant with your baby?”

“It’s been seven years, after all, and you’ve been abroad the entire time. As for me, I’ve taken advantage of the short distance between us. Sorry, buddy!” The glib-tongued Sheng Yize gradually led Qi Yanxi into his trap.

“I don’t believe it! You can’t be that shameless!” Qi Yanxi was exasperated.

Sheng Yize heaved a sigh. “Well, I… couldn’t help it. We’re all healthy grown-ups and it was only natural that something like this would happen.”

Qi Yanxi wavered. He then said hesitantly, “But… Su Xiaomo told me that Xiaxia is the conservative type…”

Sheng Yize quickly changed the subject. “That day when you saved her at the cliff, she was talking to me on the phone. Do you remember that?”


“She told me she loved me that day. That dummy thought she was going to die, so she confessed her love for me. I recorded it.” Sheng Yize took out his phone and played the recording.

Qi Yanxi was heartbroken. “You were the one she thought about at that critical moment…”

Xiaxia didn’t even call him, let alone tell him “I love you.”

Qi Yanxi huddled in a corner to lick his wounds.

Sheng Yize patted the imaginary dust off his hands and looked like nothing had happened.


To anyone else, Qi Yanxi didn’t have a weakness. But to Sheng Yize… the guy was perfectly vulnerable.

Because Qi Yanxi’s weakness was that he wasn’t as smart as Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize was overwhelmed by a sense of superiority.