Chapter 69: Aren’t You Going to Apologize to Me? (2)

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An Xiaxia stopped what she was doing and looked at the girl in bewilderment.

She had delicate features and fair skin and half of her face was hidden behind her long hair. With her black-rimmed glasses, she gave an impression of being one of those nerdy weaklings.

“Uh… hello.” An Xiaxia thought she looked familiar, but couldn’t recall her name even after racking her brain.

Su Xiaomo came to her rescue in time. “Mu Li? Do you have something to ask Xiaxia?”

An Xiaxia recognized that name now.

Mu Li was the absolute curve wrecker in her class. However, she was reticent, had a forgettable temperament, and was one of those people that got lost easily in the crowd — no wonder Xiaxia couldn’t remember her name.

“Um… I just wanted to ask, are you in Exam Room 6? asked Mu Li gingerly.


“In that case, did you see a very tall and very handsome boy…” Mu Li paused a little and squeezed out a name with much difficulty. “His name is Qi Yanxi.”

An Xiaxia replied indignantly, “You bet! That psycho! That devil! That violent maniac…”

Mu Li’s face turned paler with her every word.

An Xiaxia lashed out without pause and before she could stop to catch her breath, a wickedly charming voice rang out behind her. “Excuse me, but haven’t you been taught not to speak ill of others behind their back?”

An Xiaxia felt the hair stand up on her back. Swinging around, she looked into Qi Yanxi’s grinning face. She then stumbled back in fear.

Qi Yanxi walked slowly toward her with a smile on his face. Without a warning, he kicked the table away with one long leg and the food, dishes, and bowls scattered all over the floor, making a loud noise.

That caught the attention of the entire canteen.

Someone in Year 3 cried out right away. “Oh my god, isn’t that Qi Yanxi? Why is he back?”

“Shh, quiet! You’re finished if you become his target!”

Kang Jian moved into action right away and stood between Qi Yanxi and the girls, grinning. “Be civil. Let’s be civil.”

Despite the grin, An Xiaxia noticed that he was ready to get physical.

However, the rules of Qixia deemed fighting at school punishable by disciplinary measures all the way up to expulsion.

What was more, this teenager could fire a teacher with a phone call… Kang Jian would be no better off should he get into a physical conflict with him.

She quietly tugged at the lower hem of Kang Jian’s clothes and mouthed at him, “Don’t do it.”

Kang Jian frowned, but gradually relaxed his tensed up muscles.

Qi Yanxi missed none of that. He then smiled widely at An Xiaxia. “Aren’t you going to apologize to me? Or do you have an expulsion wish?”

“I’m sorry,” apologized An Xiaxia.

“Shouldn’t your apology be a little more sincere? Like going down on your knees or something…” Qi Yanxi smiled his roguish smile, his eyes flickering in a teasing manner.

An Xiaxia shook her head. “You got me wrong. I apologized because I shouldn’t say bad things about other people behind their backs. I wasn’t apologizing to you for what I said.”

Qi Yanxi’s smile froze on his face.

“Because I didn’t say anything wrong.” An Xiaxia looked right into Qi Yanxi’s eyes and her soft voice somehow seemed to weigh a thousand tons.

A lot of people drew in their breaths.

This girl… she had a death wish.

Did she just provoke Qi Yanxi to his face?

Did she have any idea what a terrifying existence Qi Yanxi had been in Qixia two years ago?

Qi Yanxi nodded with approval. “Nicely said. I see you’ve got a backbone. However, do I look like someone who would restrain himself from hitting a woman?”