Chapter 690: The Heir Is Here (8)

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“What has happened, happened… It’s time to move on. I’m more than happy to talk to you if you still can’t let it go,” Chu Zhiyun said mildly and handed An Xiaxia a bowl of porridge herself.

“Auntie Chu, oh no, Miss Old Hag, I’m kind of a clean freak when it comes to relationships and I have nothing to say to a mistress.” An Xiaxia smiled, rose to her feet, and walked out.

The servant called after her, “Miss, where are you going?”

An Xiaxia ignored her. She picked up Hope and walked out of the villa.

A black Porsche was parked by the side of the road and the window rolled down.

“Miss Song, what a coincidence.” Sheng Yize smiled harmlessly.

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth. “Why are you here?”

Sheng Yize said, “Just passing by… Why, do you need a ride, Miss Song?”

The servant was running after her and Mr. Song seemed to have been informed as well. An Xiaxia made up her mind and got into the car!

Little Hope drank from a milk bottle and fell asleep after she was full. An Xiaxia wiped her mouth for her, and Sheng Yize darted her a glance. “You like kids?”

“Hm… They’re alright, I guess.”

“We can have a few ourselves.”

Pffft — An Xiaxia thought she was going to have a stroke. She pressed a hand to her chest and said, “Stop saying such things!”

“I mean it.”

“…” Fine, she would just play dead.

“Chu Zhiyun kept her secret well all these years. She has been acting for more than a decade and no one knows she has a daughter, let alone of her relationship with Mr. Song.” Sheng Yize seemed to mention it in passing.

An Xiaxia said out of spite, “I don’t want to hear her name!”

“She was only 16 when she was with Mr. Song back then. She indeed did do something wrong, but Mr. Song was worse.” Sheng Yize was right to the point.

An Xiaxia agreed with him. No matter how scheming a 16-year-old girl was, without mutual consent, she could never have started anything with someone like Mr. Song.

“You ran away from home on a whim. What’s your plan?” asked Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia said, “… I’m getting some breakfast.”

Sheng Yize was speechless. “What?”

“I’m going back after that. I’m not stupid. If I really run away, I’d be playing into Chu Zhiyun’s hands.” An Xiaxia rolled her eyes. “Did you think I didn’t realize that she did it on purpose? That was indeed some award-winning acting. She did a much better job than her daughter.”

Sheng Yize broke into laughter. Good. The little woman had indeed grown a brain.

He took An Xiaxia to a restaurant, where she ordered two cups of soya milk. Sheng Yize was baffled. “I thought you didn’t like soya milk.”

An Xiaxia froze a little.

It had been seven years and he still remembered her preferences…

” Ahem .” She struggled to keep her composure. “I’m going to drink one and throw the other away! I want to feel how rich people live!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Woman, have some imagination, will you?

In the end, our thrifty An Xiaxia still finished both cups, which made her so full that Sheng Yize had to carry her out.

The waiters’ eyes followed the couple out as they envied their affectionate interaction so early in the morning. An Xiaxia buried her face in her hands, wishing she was invisible.

Sheng Yize drove An Xiaxia back in the evening. When she got out of the car, he enjoined, “Call me if anything happens.”


An Xiaxia heard the conversation inside as soon as she reached the villa entrance.

Chu Zhiyun said in a timid and gentle voice, “I have no idea what set Xiaxia off… She scolded me, then walked out… Brother Huan, I shouldn’t have come here…”

Mr. Song said grimly, “That was so inappropriate of her!”