Chapter 692: You’re Everything I Like (2)

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When she woke up again, An Xiaxia felt as if she was in a furnace.

It was hot, very hot, so hot.

The heat seemed to be devouring her from inside out, which made her rub herself against anything she could get hold of. She began to tear at her own clothes.

A man’s voice kept chuckling. “Good, that’s it… Take them all off… I love it when innocent woman like you go wild…”

An Xiaxia gasped for breath. She then bit hard on the tip of her tongue and the pain made her head clear up a little.

“Who sent you and how much did they pay you? I’ll pay you ten times more! Let me go. I’ll forget everything that happened!” An Xiaxia spoke very quickly.

Si Yu was noticeably surprised. He then took a good look at the woman while he rubbed his chin.

Her cheeks were flushed and she looked delirious. She was obviously aroused. How could she even bring herself to think straight?

“Very clever…” Si Yu was amazed. “Unfortunately, I was after money before, but now… I want to have some fun!”

He stroked An Xiaxia’s cheek in a frivolous manner. “Such soft skin. I heard you have a kid already. This is my first time doing a married woman…”

The guy was an infamous prodigal in Yu City. Because of his rich family, he had committed all kinds of crimes as he pleased and many had fallen victim to his deeds.

A while ago, he had messed with the wrong people and had had to get away from Yu City. Someone had then contacted him to say that if he could take care of the daughter of the Song family, they would offer him a small fortune that would be enough for him to go abroad.

“Think before you do anything you’ll regret! Even if you get what you want, do you think the Song family will let you off that easily?” An Xiaxia’s vision was getting blurry and she struggled to keep herself going. “I promise. If you let me go, I’ll find the person behind this and forget you were ever here…”

Si Yu wavered a little at her words. However, he took another look at her face and heaving chest and he grinned viciously. “I’m sorry, Miss Song, but I believe that ‘a man who dies for a beautiful woman is a merry man.’”

He then began to take off his shirt and unbuckle his belt.

An Xiaxia panicked, but her limbs had all gone limp. She couldn’t even cry out for help, let alone run away.

Shit. Was she going to be ravished by this scumbag?

Her phone then began to ring. An Xiaxia struggled to pick it up, but Si Yu took it away effortlessly.

“Miss Song, stop fighting. Work with me. I promise we’ll have so much fun!” Si Yu grinned like a rascal. He then spotted the name on the screen and cursed under his breath. “WTF? That’s not Sheng Yize of Shengshi Group, is it?”

“That’s him! I’m telling you, he’s my husband and the father of my child!” An Xiaxia threatened him, hoping it would scare the man off.

However, Si Yu smiled wickedly and picked it up. “Hello, Mr. Sheng. I’m sorry, but your wife is in my bed now. Here, make some sounds for your husband!”

An Xiaxia cursed. “F**k you! You bastard!”

Si Yu gloated. “Your husband gave me hell the last time and it’s payback today! And I even get paid for it. You know what? You’re worth a lot for a little bitch. 20 million US dollars! Hahaha…”

Sheng Yize’s grim and terrifying voice came from the other end. “One should always know their limits. Do I need to remind you that you may not live to see all that money?”

“Screw you! That’s just an empty threat!” Si Yu grinned. “By the time you get here, I’ll be finished with your wife…”

“Open up!”

“What? Open what? Get lost!”


After that, there came a loud bang at the door.

With a rumble, the door was kicked open!

Sheng Yize looked into Si Yu’s eyes, smiling like a demon out of hell.