Chapter 693: You’re Everything I Like (3)

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Si Yu shivered and dropped the phone on the floor with a crack.

He climbed off the bed in a hurry and scrambled to put his pants back on, forcing a smile. “Oh my… Mr. Sheng, this is… such a coincidence!”

Sheng Yize smiled back. “Yes, what a small world.”

Si Yu’s mouth went dry and he racked his brain, trying to find a way out.

“Hm…” The tiny moan brought Si Yu back to reality.

“Gosh! Miss Song isn’t ill, is she? We should get her to a hospital!” Si Yu looked anxious.

Sheng Yize marched in, smiling as mildly as a spring breeze. “Sure. How about joining us, Young Master Si?”

Si Yu was then punched in his stomach!

He groaned. Immediately after that, punches and kicks rained down. He tried to fight back, but soon realized that he was hopelessly outmatched…

It only took three minutes for Sheng Yize to turn him into a bleeding, bruised pulp. Si Yu rolled around on the floor, howling like a pig in the slaughterhouse.

Sheng Yize darted a look at his groin. Si Yu had probably taken drugs beforehand. Even in this miserable state, he still had a boner.

“No, no… please let me go…” Si Yu cried out in horror. Sheng Yize said coldly, “You’ve pissed off my woman, why should I do that?”

“Ahhh —” Si Yu screamed again, even louder.

Other people in the house gradually arrived upstairs and were shocked by the scene.

Sheng Yize carried An Xiaxia in both arms and scanned the room with his eyes, his aura so imposing that it transfixed everyone.

“I’m not done yet. Anyone involved in this should give themselves up now. After I find you out myself… you’d wish you were him!”

After that, he promptly left with An Xiaxia.

Chu Zhiyun hung up the phone, then smashed everything in the ward!

Song Qingwan, who had been pretending to be ill in bed, was frightened by this as her face drained of color. “Mummy… what’s wrong?”

“Someone saved that bitch!” Chu Zhiyun squeezed those words out through gritted teeth.

Song Qingwan didn’t want to believe it. “Mummy, didn’t you say that Auntie Mo will help us? How could this happen?”

Auntie Mo was that servant that had called her “Madam” the other day.

Chu Zhiyun sighed helplessly. “I’m afraid someone else has eyes in the Song family home as well, or it wouldn’t have been discovered this soon.”

Song Qingwan’s eyes were filled with hatred. “If we can’t ruin An Xiaxia, am I supposed to watch her inherit everything and live happily ever after? I won’t allow it… That’s all mine!”

Although Mr. Song had allowed her to return as Song Qingchen when she had first come back, he had never identified her as his daughter in public. Very few people even knew about her existence.

However, An Xiaxia had taken all the spotlight as soon as she was back. Mr. Song had even talked about leaving her all his shares…

She was as much his daughter as An Xiaxia was. That was so unfair!

“If your daddy asks about this, blame it all on me…” Chu Zhiyun’s eyes flickered. “He can’t bring himself to get angry with me. Just bear with it a little bit longer. He’s not going to give everything to that little bitch…”

From 16 to 40, she had given the best parts of her life to this man.

She couldn’t leave empty-handed!

In the car.

The drug began to take effect and An Xiaxia was moaning sporadically, her face and body covered in sweat.

Sheng Yize sat beside her with his long legs crossed. He raised an eyebrow. “Hold on. The hospital is right ahead.”

An Xiaxia nodded and bit down on her hand. Even the corners of her eyes had turned red.

Without knowing it, she began to lean on Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize looked perfectly void of all desires and passions and said in a scornful voice, “Can’t wait?”