Chapter 694: You’re Everything I Like (4)

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An Xiaxia nodded, looking ashamed.

Her head was all muddled, as if she was having the most wonderful dream, but her body felt hollow. She felt like she needed something to fill that hollowness.

Her instincts were overriding her reason.

Without any instructions, she had wrapped herself around Sheng Yize. At first, she could still control her movements, but she soon forgot what she was doing.

Sheng Yize sat there calmly and let her do her thing. As long as he didn’t play along, nothing would actually happen.

“That’s too much… I thought you were just going to rub around, but what’s with the touching? An Xiaxia, you’re so lustful!” Sheng Yize scolded her with a straight face.

The driver rolled up the separation screen while he mocked inwardly; Young Master was probably cracking up inside this very moment. He was a textbook tsundere, acting all proper when his lovely girl was throwing herself at him!

The hospital.

When An Xiaxia woke up again, she was only a little dizzy while the rest of her felt fine.

She let out a breath of relief. It was her lucky day. That animal hadn’t gotten what he wanted.

A nurse came in at that moment to take out her IV needle and she asked in a hurry, “Where’s the man who brought me here?”

“Young Master Ze? He’s making soup for you.”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia was a little lost.

The nurse said enviously, “He’s cooking for you himself in the hospital kitchen! Mrs. Sheng, you have such a wonderful husband!”

Oh~ I see~

Delighted, An Xiaxia jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom.

When she washed her hands at the sink, she saw some suspicious red marks on her neck. After pulling the collar of her hospital gown down a little, An Xiaxia blushed!

Shit! Why was she covered in hickeys?!

It made no sense! That man hadn’t had a chance to touch her, so where had all these marks come from?

She unbuttoned her clothes in frustration and as expected… the red marks covered her chest and belly…

Hm… could someone please tell her what happened?

She stood dazed in front of the mirror and tried her best to remember…

Sheng Yize had carried her into his car. After that, she hadn’t been able to take it anymore and had climbed into his lap. Not only had she pressed him down into the seat, she had touched him, kissed him, and bitten him. She had done everything except go all the way…

Wait a minute…

Why did she have love bites on her, too?

Had Sheng Yize gone wild as well?

Oh god! An Xiaxia buried her face in her hands, utterly ashamed. She was seriously considering bashing her head on the wall…

She banged her head once, then rubbed it in pain.

The wall was too hard. Forget it…

“Xiaxia.” Sheng Yize’s voice came from outside. An Xiaxia wished she had a turtle shell to hide in. She pressed herself against the door and said, “Don’t come in! I’m not opening the door!”

“What’s with all the fuss…” Sheng Yize said impatiently. “Open up, or I’ll kick it open!”

Sob … He was so savage!

“No, I won’t!” She would rather die than give in.

Sheng Yize rubbed his chin. “So, am I supposed to cajole my way in now? Let me think. Right, I should sing for you now. Dear, dear bunny, open your door…”

An Xiaxia was utterly humiliated, but he only went on singing. “No, I won’t! I won’t open my door unless it’s my hubby~ Hubby’s back! Come in, come in~”

Shit… She could never listen to that nursery rhyme again!

An Xiaxia still stood there dazed when Sheng Yize pushed the door open. Their eyes met, then Sheng Yize whistled. “This is a warm welcome.”


An Xiaxia looked down and realized that she hadn’t buttoned up her top yet… her fair chest was all revealed, together with the suggestive red marks…

“Aah — you rascal!”