Chapter 696: You’re Everything I Like (6)

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Mr. Song was astonished!

“How can you let the police take her… she’s just a child…” said Mr. Song angrily.

An Xiaxia couldn’t keep her silence anymore at his attitude and interjected, “She’s the same age as I am and an adult. She’s your child, but I’m not? Why does she get to go free for setting me up?”

Mr. Song stomped the floor with his walking stick. “She’s your older sister!”

An Xiaxia only found him more ridiculous. “Why don’t you tell her that I’m her younger sister? If I pushed her into a river, threw her over a cliff, or had her drugged and raped, would you tell her to forget about it because I’m her sister?”

“That’s not the same…”

“It’s exactly the same thing! Even the softest softies have a bottom line! If you stand up for her again, I’ll… I’ll have Sheng Yize make her disappear forever!”

Sheng Yize shrugged. “With pleasure.”

“Xiaxia… don’t be that merciless!” Mr. Song couldn’t bear that idea.

An Xiaxia said solemnly, “I’m not merciless. I’m only doing this for survival! I’ve lived through enough hardships already. Are you going to watch me die now?”

“I’m your dad, how can I do that…”

“Keeping Song Qingwan around is the same as killing me!” An Xiaxia took a different approach, which caught Mr. Song off-guard.

Leaning on his walking stick, he remained silent for quite a while before sighing heavily. “I see. I’ll keep my hands out of this incident. From now on, I won’t give Qingwan any chance to get near you. How’s that?”

An Xiaxia grunted and went back to playing dead.

Mr. Song left, looking defeated. Sheng Yize glanced at An Xiaxia, who was still lying in bed, and said, “Not bad. At least you have a brain now.”

“Hey! Since when did I not have a brain?!” An Xiaxia was vexed.

“Since always.”


Shortly after Mr. Song got back home, Chu Zhiyun arrived on his doorstep.

“Brother Huan… Qingwan is innocent! Please pull some strings and get her out. She’ll have a criminal record if she goes to prison!” Chu Zhiyun cried prettily, but Mr. Song only watched with an emotionless face. He only beckoned her over after she was done. “Zhiyun, come here.”

Chu Zhiyun sat down obediently next to him. Mr. Song caressed her cheek, then chuckled. “Look, you’ve gotten older and so have I. How many years do we still have? Can’t we just let the kids lead their own lives?”

Actually, Chu Zhiyun was nowhere close to looking old. She maintained her appearance very well and looked a little over thirty at most.

She couldn’t live with what he was proposing. Gritting her teeth, she said, “Brother Huan, I’ve been with you for so many years and you still won’t give me anything. Deep down, Zhong Yue is still your favorite, isn’t she?”

“Haven’t I given you and Qingwan enough?” Mr. Song sounded pensive. “Don’t covet things that aren’t supposed to be yours. Xiaxia is the only heiress of the Song family!”

An Xiaxia had always thought that she had improved a lot over the years, but it was only until she met Sheng Yize again that she realized that when she was with him, she was an innocent bunny standing before a scheming big bad wolf…

And that big bad wolf had been making plans for like a thousand years!

Right now, she had willingly walked into Sheng Yize’s trap as she bellowed at him while hopping around, “I’m living at your place and no one can stop me!”

He smiled. “Of course.”

An Xiaxia jumped at him, trying to punch him. Just then, she caught a faint cigarette smell…

It was that familiar, indistinctive scent…