Chapter 7: I’m Not Interested In You At All!

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An Xiaxia widened her eyes as confusion flashed through her gaze. She bit her lip but no words came out at all.

Was he mistaken about something…

“You’re mistaken. How could I possibly want to fling myself at someone like you?! Others may like you but I’m not interested in you at all!” An Xiaxia summoned up her courage and retorted.

“Ah…” Sheng Yize nodded. “I see.”

As his voice trailed off, An Xiaxia felt her waist being released. Because she hadn’t yet gained her balance, she once again fell to the floor in a sorry heap.

A few laughs came from the crowd. Sheng Yize glanced at her before he went on to take a notebook from some girl nearby to sign.

“Are you alright?” A gentle male voice rang out, followed by a hand reaching out to help her up.

It was a teenager’s hand that was clean, large, and with long fingers.

An Xiaxia gulped and stared dumbfoundedly at the handsome face she always saw on television.

The rumors were true after all… He Jiayu was a gentle person who reminded those around him of the warm spring breeze.

But she would never dare take that hand!

Surrounding her were the chilly and frightening glares of female students that were going to poke a thousand holes in her!

An Xiaxia smiled in embarrassment. “Don’t worry about me. Thanks.” She then scrambled to her feet. Right at that moment, Kang Jian finally managed to squeeze over to where she was and held onto her shoulder while panting. “Xiaxia, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

“If you’re fine, then let’s go!”

“…” An Xiaxia couldn’t be bothered talking to this clueless fellow and, with much difficulty, she managed to get past the crowd to the classroom.

Sheng Yize and the other two were pretty much finished with autographs, and as it was almost time for classes, the crowd began to disperse.

Chi Yuanfeng stretched his limbs. His enchantingly beautiful face had annoyance written all over it as he said, “Had I known coming to school was going to be so troublesome, I wouldn’t have come.”

He Jiayu’s lips curled up in a smile and he patted Sheng Yize’s shoulder. “That girl just then said she’s not interested in you. Was she playing dumb to attract your attention?”

Sheng Yize smirked and looked amused. “Who knows. Maybe she’s just plain stupid.”

He strode ahead with his long legs with ease.

Chi Yuanfeng sighed. “Brother Yize is still so merciless. If he didn’t have his handsome face, I bet he’d get beaten up!”

“Oh, really?” He Jiayu curled the corners of his lips in a knowing smile.

The classroom.

Because she managed to get to the classroom fairly early, An Xiaxia was able to choose a seat by the window in the back row.

This was the best seat in the whole classroom. She could see when the class teacher was peeking in on the class and could daydream in class without getting noticed by the teacher.

Kang Jian wanted to sit next to her, but An Xiaxia promptly pulled the chair away. She glared at him and said, “Go away! I don’t want to sit next to you!”

“Hey, Xiaxia, I’m your childhood friend. How can you treat me like this?! This morning, I even brought you to school on my bike!” Kang Jian complained, feeling wronged.

“Since when does a childhood friend make you look like a fool in front of the whole school at the school opening ceremony? Worthless Kang, go away!”

Kang Jian looked at her and sighed after seeing how persistent she was. He then put his bag on the desk one row behind her and leaned on it, looking upset.

An Xiaxia took out her pencil case, picked a pen, and spun it with her fingers in boredom while she stared blankly at the view outside the window.

All of a sudden, her sight was blocked by three tall figures. An Xiaxia was dumbfounded when she saw Sheng Yize and the other two pass her window before entering the classroom for Year 1 Class C!

Thud —

The pen dropped from An Xiaxia’s fingers onto the desk, then to the floor, before it rolled slowly until it reached a row of long legs.