Chapter 70: I Promise I Won’t Turn to You For Help

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At those threatening words, Kang Jian shielded An Xiaxia behind him right away. Only this time, his grin was gone, replaced by a serious face.

To him, An Xiaxia’s safety had always been his responsibility.

“A pretty face indeed has its merits. I see you’ve got quite a few personal bodyguards.” Qi Yanxi moved his wrists and ankles as if he was warming up. A big fight seemed inevitable.

Everything was hanging in the balance when a tall figure approached them unhurriedly, grabbed An Xiaxia by her collar and dragged her toward the door.

“Hey, hey… hm, what are you doing? Sheng Yize? Why are you here?” Accompanied by An Xiaxia’s confused inquiries, Sheng Yize dragged her out of the canteen.

Qi Yanxi had fallen into a ready pose and manner, but Sheng Yize’s move had rendered all that redundant.

What the heck? He was only trying to scare that girl a little and Sheng Yize whisked her away just like that?

What exactly was going on between those two?

Mu Li watched him from the side and was suddenly overwhelmed by dizziness. Had it not been for Su Xiaomo’s supporting hands, she would have collapsed to the ground.

“Young… Young Master,” muttered Mu Li timidly.

Qi Yanxi darted a look at her as if he was looking at a stranger. He only recognized her after much thought and said lazily, “Mu Li? Why are you here?”

Still shaking, Mu Li didn’t know what to say. Qi Yanxi then answered himself. “Oh, did my dad send you here?”

Mu Li nodded in a flurry and quickly excused herself from the scene.

Qi Yanxi shifted his disinterested gaze away, apparently not thinking much of her.

Su Xiaomo, on the other hand, watched their interaction with surprise. How did Qi Yanxi know such a forgettable person like Mu Li?

Sheng Yize dragged An Xiaxia all the way up to the roof of the building.

An Xiaxia’s long hair fluttered in the wind as she puckered up her small face and asked, “Why did you bring me here?”

Instead of answering her question, Sheng Yize reprimanded her, “An Xiaxia, are you really that stupid? You knew perfectly well what a scoundrel that Qi Yanxi is; why did you have to provoke him? Do you want to get yourself killed, or is school life too boring for you?!”

An Xiaxia was confused by this unjustified anger. Blinking, she looked up at Sheng Yize’s face in bewilderment and snuffled helplessly. “I didn’t provoke him! He bullied me first! I can’t fight him, but I can’t even shout at him?”

“You know you can’t possibly fight him, so why don’t you just lay low!” Sheng Yize yelled back, and An Xiaxia lowered her head, dispirited. “Fine, I know I’m annoying you again. Don’t worry. I won’t make trouble for you even if I get bullied. I promise I’ll do my job as your assistant properly.”

Sheng Yize’s heart softened at her lovely little voice, but the actual words made him lose his temper again!

This woman must have been sent by god to punish him!

What did she mean by “not make trouble for him” or “do her job as his assistant properly”? Why did she have to draw the line so distinctly? How reluctant was she to have anything to do with him?

“An Xiaxia! Mark your own words! Whatever trouble you run into in the future, don’t come to me for help!” said Sheng Yize, gritting his teeth.

An Xiaxia eyed him suspiciously, finding his manner the most bizarre.

She had never gone to him for help to begin with, so where did this anger come from?

“Oh, of course. I promise I won’t!” An Xiaxia declared in a serious tone.

Sheng Yize was fuming by now. He stormed off with a face darker than the midnight sky.

IDIOT! That woman was an idiot!