Chapter 71: Give Me Your Cheat Notes

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That afternoon back in the exam room, An Xiaxia gave Qi Yanxi a sideway glare and focused on her exam paper. No matter how hard Qi Yanxi tried to distract her, she managed to ignore him the whole time.

Qi Yanxi gritted his teeth and bent over his desk in boredom while keeping his gaze fixed on An Xiaxia’s back.

As An Xiaxia wrote on, her long ponytail shifted with her movement. A few streaks ended up sweeping into his face.

He took a hard sniff: it was a nice refreshing smell.

Something struck him as he recalled Qixia’s tradition. He then wrote a few words on the draft paper, folded it into a slip, and threw it onto An Xiaxia’s desk.

Bewildered, An Xiaxia unfolded the paper and saw a scrawled line. “Are you going to the field military training this year?”

An Xiaxia wrote back: Are you nuts? Leave me alone!

Qi Yanxi opened up the paper with great expectations and his face darkened. He then wrote: Do you know who I am? Who gave you the permission to talk to me like that?

An Xiaxia: I don’t! So leave me alone!

Qi Yanxi was displeased: Hey, watch your attitude, woman! Are you trying to get my attention? Forget it! You have neither the curves nor the brains!

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes: Stay away from me! You grumpy ugly violent man!

The two kept tossing the ball of paper back and forth, neither noticing the infuriated invigilators.

Qi Yanxi went on: I know you’re denying your heart’s desire. After all, I’m such a handsome, charming, and attractive man.

An Xiaxia: Then I’m the cutest, smartest, and the most dashing babe in the world!

However, before she could toss it back this time, one of the invigilators — the head of political education — walked to her side and said in a stately manner, “Give me your cheat notes!”

An Xiaxia lowered her head in frustration — she should have seen this coming! Nothing good came from quarreling with that devil!

She passed him the note hesitantly, but the head went on, “Stand up and read it aloud!”

He was trying to make this an example against cheating.

An Xiaxia put on a long face. “Sir, are you sure about that?”

“Read it!”

An Xiaxia succumbed immediately at the head’s intimidating roar. She summoned up her courage and began reading.

However, as she read on, the head’s face turned even darker.

When she reached the “I’m such a handsome, charming, and attractive man” part, the classroom erupted with laughter.

Gosh, was that Qi Yanxi such a goofball?

“Sir, that is all,” said An Xiaxia weakly.

Qi Yanxi looked very grumpy.

The head of political education cleared his throat. “All students should follow the rules of the exam room. There should be no talking and especially no chatting by passing around notes!”

The classroom broke into another fit of laughter.

Sheng Yize pursed his lips and quickly finished his paper. He then handed in early and left the classroom.

Hmph, she was having such a good time chatting with Qi Yanxi, so that guy probably wouldn’t harm her.

As that thought passed through his mind, he suddenly realized that his feelings toward An Xiaxia didn’t seem as straightforward as they had been at the beginning.

He couldn’t help frowning at that realization.

The weekend and National Day holiday happened in a row after the exams and An Xiaxia was ready to enjoy her vacation. However, news arrived from her class teacher —

After the National Day holiday, the Year 1 students would participate in a field military training, which would last ten days. Their attendance would count toward their overall credits at the end of the semester.

A military training? What the hell? So that Qi Yanxi had actually been telling the truth?