Chapter 72: Hello, My Fellow Schoolmate An Xiaxia

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She called her BFF Su Xiaomo right away.

Su Xiaomo had stayed up until three in the morning the night before to meet a deadline for her drawing and was catching up on sleep at the moment. Hearing An Xiaxia’s surprised cry, she explained to her with a yawn, “This is a Qixia tradition. Didn’t you realize all the other high schools have their military training before the term starts? Qixia moved theirs to October, saying that they’re afraid of giving the students heat strokes in the hot weather or something…”

An Xiaxia felt like crying a river. “I thought I escaped the military training…”

“You innocent Dummy Xia…” was Su Xiaomo’s teasing remark. “I’m out! Back to bed!”

An Xiaxia informed the others of the sad news over lunch.

Papa An chuckled amiably. “That’s nice. You should get some exercise.”

An Yibei sneered. “Exercise? Her? I don’t think she’s fit for a quick march, let alone the goose step and running.”

“Can you let a day pass without shattering my confidence?” An Xiaxia glared at her older brother.

“Actually, I can,” said An Yibei as he sipped his soup. “But shattering your confidence makes my day.”

An Xiaxia was rendered speechless by his mocking.

Papa An looked at the Starry Night trio. “Are you three going? You don’t look so busy lately…”

From what he knew of idols, he had never known a group to be as idle as Starry Night. The official story was that the three were focusing on their school work at the moment and had reduced their public appearances as a result. However, he didn’t believe the actual reason to be that simple.

Chi Yuanfeng’s enchantingly beautiful face lit up with excitement. “Of course! I haven’t done any military training, like ever!”

He Jiayu smiled. “It’ll be a good experience.”

Sheng Yize glanced at An Xiaxia, who was busying herself with her food as if nothing had happened, and his mood turned fouler. He didn’t answer the question and went back upstairs straight after lunch.

When Chi Yuanfeng enthusiastically invited An Xiaxia upstairs to see his cat after lunch, An Xiaxia was so frightened that she almost hid under the table. He had to withdraw his invitation very pitifully.

He Jiayu, on the other hand, struck up a conversation with An Xiaxia about things at school. He then changed the subject, asking, “Did you and Sheng Yize have a fight?”

“No,” answered An Xiaxia after some thought.

“I see…” He Jiayu smiled. “I thought there was something wrong between the two of you. He seems to be in a bad mood these days.”

“I have no idea… I don’t think I’ve offended him…” An Xiaxia racked her brain. It seemed they hadn’t talked since that conversation on the roof.

He Jiayu raised an eyebrow and his lips curved in a smile, as if he had seen through everything. “I see…”

An Xiaxia started packing after going back to her room. When An Yibei knocked on her door, he saw her rushing back and forth between everything. Having had enough of her messiness, An Yibei walked in and helped her with the packing.

“Why are you taking so many snacks? Leave some room for medicine… hey, put a waterproof bag over your phone!” Before long, An Xiaxia couldn’t stand his constant nagging and walked away, leaving An Yibei behind to do her work.

She went downstairs for a cup of coffee from Papa An.

A person’s bright smile froze her right on the spot.

Qi Yanxi!

He was sipping a cappuccino and even raised his cup at An Xiaxia standing on the wooden stairs. The smile on his face reminded one of a kind and harmless big boy. “Hello, my fellow schoolmate An Xiaxia.”

An Xiaxia instinctively turned around to run back up, but bumped into a pair of warm and strong arms.

Rubbing her nose, she looked up and saw that Sheng Yize had just come down wearing a cap.

“Wow… what am I seeing here? Isn’t this Sheng Yize…” Qi Yanxi’s whistle rang out at this moment and there was mischievous delight in his voice.