Chapter 73: I Don’t Like Talking to Idiots

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Qi Yanxi was the only customer downstairs, but An Xiaxia still gave Sheng Yize a shove despite herself. “Go back up!”

Little did she know that to Qi Yanxi, that move only confirmed how special their relationship was.

He had found out An Xiaxia’s address through her class teacher and thought he could scare the girl a little by showing up here. However, he had never expected such a pleasant surprise!

No wonder he wasn’t able to find out Sheng Yize’s whereabouts. It turned out he was staying in neither a luxury villa nor a hotel, but an inconspicuous coffee shop.

Moreover, he was living with… a fellow classmate.

Narrowing his eyes, Sheng Yize shook off An Xiaxia’s hand. He walked down the stairs and asked indifferently, “What do you want from me?”

Qi Yanxi gracefully wiped his mouth and gathered his strength like a wild animal ready to strike.

He chuckled, “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not here for you. I’ve come for An Xiaxia.”

Papa An’s voice rang out just in time. “Xiaxia, he said he’s your classmate and left a book with you. Go get it for your classmate.”

An Xiaxia bit her lip, her face drained of all color.

He had even found out where she lived…

Was he going to take revenge on her because she humiliated him on the day of the exams?

An Xiaxia shivered and stood dazed on the spot. She had no idea how to proceed from here.

Sheng Yize said mildly, “An Xiaxia, what are you standing there for? Go get the book.”

His deep and pleasant voice settled An Xiaxia’s mind and she immediately dashed up the stairs without looking back.

Qi Yanxi pursed his lips. “You’re such a killjoy. I’m here for her. Why do you have to get in the way?”

Sheng Yize sneered. “She’s not your toy. Qi Yanxi, you better behave yourself. I ended you two years ago and I can still end you now.”

Sheng Yize’s eyes instantly turned red. Clenching his fists, he was going to punch Sheng Yize in the face. However, he fought back the impulse and put down his hands in the end.

“I’ll see you at the military training, Sheng Yize. I hope you won’t disappoint me then.”

He rose to his feet and left, and the look on Sheng Yize’s face turned cold instantly. When he glanced at the top of the stairs in passing, the corner of his mouth twitched involuntarily.

An Xiaxia was holding a book in her arms and looking downstairs with a dumb look on her face.

One hand in his pocket, he slowly went up to her and dragged her upstairs.

An Xiaxia asked in a whisper, “Has that devil left? Is he coming back?”

“Guess,” he said indifferently.

An Xiaxia looked disconcerted. “Oh my god. Should I call the police… Is he going to take revenge on me? Is he going to hit me or hire some mobster to smash our shop to pieces…”

An Xiaxia was indulging her wild imagination and her story was getting weirder and weirder. Having heard enough of it, Sheng Yize left her on the second floor and continued going up the stairs.

“Hey, Sheng Yize, why aren’t you talking to me?” asked An Xiaxia, standing on her toes.

Sheng Yize paused at this, turned around, and slowly walked back toward her.

An Xiaxia somehow felt diffident and swallowed repeatedly, until she was forced into a corner by Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize put one palm flat on the wall and confined An Xiaxia in that little space between his body and the wall.

That charmingly handsome face was inches away and that tiny mole beneath his left eye looked so provocative. Instantly, An Xiaxia’s face was as red as a cooked shrimp.

Sheng Yize’s voice was nonchalant and emotionless.

“Because I don’t like talking to idiots.”