Chapter 74: Greetings from the Devil (1)

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Beep —

An Xiaxia’s palpitating little heart was instantly shattered to pieces by those words.

“And I don’t talk to jackasses like you! Go away!” An Xiaxia shoved Sheng Yize away boorishly with tears welling up in her eyes, feeling so wronged.

She might not be the smartest person in the room, but she was still a normal human being. Why did he think so highly of himself? He was bullying her only because he had been taking advantage of his own high IQ!

Seeing the bristling girl, Sheng Yize felt an indescribable irritation rise up inside him.

It almost as if… he felt worse when he gave her a hard time.

Keeping a straight face and fighting back his emotions, he went back upstairs with that detached manner, not even sparing her a goodbye.

An Xiaxia snorted and returned to her room, where she found her luggage neatly packed — it could be the work of no one else but An Yibei.

Her mouth twitched a little, then she lay down on her bed and began to play with her phone.

An Yibei quietly closed his door, a sneer on his lips.

He hadn’t missed that scene just then.

He had guessed right: that young fellow had a thing for his younger sister!

Hmph! Did they think his little sister could take crap from just anybody?


The vacation soon came to an end. At the scheduled time, An Xiaxia arrived with her luggage at the designated site for the school bus, which would take the students to where the military training would take place.

An Yibei checked her luggage again and departed with some more mocking before she stormed off and got onto the school bus.

Papa An had come to see her off as well. He asked in passing, “Did she take her wallet?”

An Yibei winced. He seemed to have forgotten about that…

With An Xiaxia’s memory of a fish, how could she possibly remember that? An Yibei was about to get on the bus and give An Xiaxia some money when Papa An beckoned at Sheng Yize with a smile. “Xiaxia forgot to take money with her — she’s so unorganized like that. I’ll leave her money to you and let her come to you if she needs it. Is that alright?”

Sheng Yize was surprised for a brief moment before he replied with a nod.

Papa An then handed him a few hundred-yuan bills which Sheng Yize took, finding it inappropriate to decline.

An Yibei snorted. “You’ll have to answer to me if anything happens to Xiaxia under your watch.”

“Yibei, watch your language!” Papa An reprimanded him. An Yibei then turned away without another word.

Sheng Yize thought little of it. Swinging his bag over his shoulder, he got on the bus with He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng while the girls shrieked around them.

Glancing around inside the bus, he quickly spotted the petite figure.

Dressed in her jumper covered with cartoon characters, An Xiaxia was watching anime with Su Xiaomo on a mobile phone. The two would break into frantic laughter every now and then.

Disgruntled, Sheng Yize looked away and closed his eyes to take a rest.

Three hours later.

The school bus drove into a training base in Yu City’s mountain area. The base was frequently contracted out to schools for military training or for company training programs.

The class teachers arranged the students four to a room. An Xiaxia, Su Xiaomo, Mu Li, and Li Canxing became roommates.

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo were soon ready for some happy exploration around the base. However, before they left, Mu Li caught An Xiaxia by her arm.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Mu Li whispered, “An Xiaxia, be safe and watch out…”

Before she could finish the sentence, Li Canxing went up to them with a smile. “What are you talking about?”

She rarely smiled, so that sudden expression looked unnatural on her face. Mu Li let go of An Xiaxia right away and quietly went to unpack her luggage.

“Nothing.” An Xiaxia didn’t like Li Canxing at all. She promptly left with Su Xiaomo after that brief reply.

Behind them, Li Canxing cast a stern glance at Mu Li. It was a most malicious look.