Chapter 75: Greetings from the Devil (2)

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Mu Li took a step back, looking uneasy.

Let’s rewind the time to ten minutes before this.

Jian Xin’er, Ding Yiyi, and Li Canxing were quietly exchanging gossip in the bathroom.

“An Xiaxia is so annoying! How on earth can we teach her a lesson?” cursed Jian Xin’er viciously.

“An Xiaxia has a guardian angel now, so anything above board is out of question. But, I heard that Qi Yanxi doesn’t like her. So all we need is to create an opportunity for her to irritate him…” said Li Canxing in a cold tone. She then suddenly raised her voice. “Who’s there?”

A tiny sound came out of one of the cubicles.

Ding Yiyi’s face darkened and she banged the door. “Open up! Now!”

There came a shuffling sound inside and the door was finally opened.

Mu Li stood there with her head lowered and was twisting a corner of her clothes uneasily.

Li Canxing went up to her and asked in a quiet, chilly tone, “What have you heard?”

Mu Li bit her lip and shook her head obediently.

“Good.” Li Canxing nodded with satisfaction. “Mu Li, is it? You’re as smart as your grades suggest and I like that in a person. Speaking of which, you can only afford Qixia because of the school scholarship and the foundation’s financial aid, right?”

Tears welled up in Mu Li’s eyes and she lowered her head without uttering a word.

Li Canxing moved closer and smoothed out Mu Li’s collar for her. She could feel the latter start to shiver at the move.

“The school foundation is funded by major families such as ours and people need to be grateful. We’re the reason you’re in Qixia and you better keep that in mind. If a fifth person heard about the incident here today, I can’t promise what will become of you!”

Mu Li almost burst into tears. Ding Yiyi grabbed her hair and banged her head against the door several times, then finished the assault with a kick. “Get out of here. You offend my eyes.”

Mu Li didn’t make a single sound the entire time. She quietly rearranged her hair, patted the dirt off her clothes, and even closed the bathroom door behind her when she left.

“Something… doesn’t feel right about this woman,” said Jian Xin’er with a frown.

“She’s just a penniless student. I don’t think she has the balls to tell on us.”

Looking around, Li Canxing saw a basin of clean water and a rag on the floor. Mu Li had been attentively cleaning the room.

She picked up the basin, then with a slow and graceful movement, poured the water over Mu Li’s bed.

The pillow and duvet were all soaked.

“One more word and it won’t be water on your bed,” Li Canxing warned in a nonchalant voice.

Mu Li fought back her tears and replied in her tiny voice.


When An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo returned that night, they immediately noticed Mu Li’s bed.

“Why, Mu Li, what happened to your bed?”

Mu Li kept her head lowered and didn’t answer.

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo exchanged a look, then glanced at Li Canxing, who was reading a book on the other side. They pretty much figured out what had happened.

An Xiaxia cleared her throat. “Well… how about you share a bed with me?”

Mu Li shook her head. “No, thanks. I’m fine on my bed.”

What… how could she sleep on that wet bed? What on earth did Li Canxing do?

Su Xiaomo looked this way and that, then tugged at An Xiaxia’s sleeve, motioning for her not to speak.

“I’m sleeping in Xiaxia’s bed tonight, so you’re welcome to take my duvet if you want.”

Mu Li gave her a grateful look, then nodded at her as a “thank you.”

Li Canxing snorted.

An Xiaxia couldn’t be bothered to react to that. Suddenly, she received a message on her phone from an unknown number.

“Come to the canteen. You have one minute.”