Chapter 76: You’re An Eyesore

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She looked at the number closely — it wasn’t Sheng Yize’s, nor did it belong to anyone she knew.

Wrong number? Or it was just some prank message?

An Xiaxia hit “delete,” dragged the duvet over her head, and fell asleep.

The canteen.

Qi Yanxi was chewing on some instant noodles while refreshing his phone constantly.

“What the hell! Two minutes have passed and still a no show? Where is her respect for me?”

“Five minutes… and I didn’t even get a reply. Doesn’t she check her phone?”

“Tch, and I’m left here eating on my own… so boring…”

He prattled on like so as his frown grew bigger.

Of course, the canteen cook was finding him stranger and stranger.

Hmm… young people nowadays had to be under so much pressure that they could get this excited talking to themselves. There had to be something wrong with this young man’s head!

The following day, the Year 1 students changed into the camouflage uniform and assembled at the square of the training base.

An Xiaxia’s class was led by a young and swarthy instructor, who found shade for the students to stay in and began to explain the essential of the movements. He began with teaching them to stand in the military posture.

After everyone stood in order, a figure strolled near and even yawned lazily. “Morning, everybody.”

The students standing in a square formation kept their silence, but their eyes couldn’t help but turn in that direction.

Short brown hair, high-arched eyebrows, handsome features, and that natural roguish smile.

It was that annoying Qi Yanxi!

“Student, you have to report to your instructor when you’re late!”

With Qi Yanxi’s temperament, An Xiaxia thought he would probably break into a fight with the instructor and might even get his ass kicked!

The thought alone satisfied An Xiaxia greatly.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Qi Yanxi said “permission to fall in” as instructed and joined the formation. He had also abandoned his slouchy posture completely and stood there perfectly like a real soldier.

The instructor patted him on the shoulder and even praised him in a low voice.

An Xiaxia watched this in utter disbelief. OMG! Did the devil just turn into an angel?

Behind her, Sheng Yize kept his gaze on An Xiaxia.

Tch. Short, slow, and clumsy…

He was listing An Xiaxia’s shortcomings in his head and was having a good time doing it.

The instructor let them take a break after standing for half an hour.

The class monitor organized some students to buy some water, which they put on one side. An Xiaxia trotted over there and fetched herself a bottle. She screwed the cap open, took a few sips, and was about to turn away when Ding Yiyi’s stout body bumped into her.

An Xiaxia stumbled to one side and knocked into a tall figure.

The bottle of water in her hand splashed all over that person.

Ahem… god, please let it not be Qi Yanxi… not Qi Yanxi…

God didn’t seem to hear An Xiaxia’s prayer and a frustrated voice rang out over her head. “Hey, An Xiaxia, you have been an eyesore for a long time. Did you just do that on purpose?”

An Xiaxia smacked her forehead in despair.

Jian Xin’er and her two accomplices exchanged a look and gloated.


“Sorry is useless! Are you going to do anything about it?” asked Qi Yanxi in defiance. Deep down, he was hoping An Xiaxia would offer to wash his clothes like any other normal girl.

However, An Xiaxia’s train of thought had turned to the last time when Qi Yanxi had asked her to kneel down and apologize…

She proposed with her puppy dog eyes, “How about… I take off my jacket and give it to you?”

Caw, caw, caw —

Qi Yanxi felt the crows fly over his head.

Sheng Yize, who had been about to step out for An Xiaxia, felt his mouth twitch involuntarily at this as well.