Chapter 77: Homolateral Walking Is Contagious (1)

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“You’re so short! How am I supposed to fit in your clothes!” roared Qi Yanxi.

He indeed looked terrifying as his temper flared. Those around them backed off knowingly, afraid of being dragged into this disaster.

An Xiaxia puffed up her cheeks and lifted her chin daringly. “Then, how about you throw some water on me and we’ll call it even!”

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes so hard that his eyeballs were going into his skull!

Damn! Why did he have to stumble into such a woman?

He waved his hand in annoyance. “Move. Leave me alone.”

An Xiaxia narrowly escaped her doom and walked away in bewilderment with a look of disbelief on her face.

He let her go just like that? Since when was Qi Yanxi this nice?

She was secretly celebrating her good luck when Qi Yanxi grabbed the back of her collar and stopped her. He then lowered his voice and asked in an intimate tone, “Why didn’t you return my message last night?”

“Hm…” The hot breath at her nape was ticklish and she cringed uncomfortably.

So, that message was from him. That was awkward…

“Um… I thought it was from some stranger, so I ignored it…” An Xiaxia’s voice was as tiny as a humming mosquito.

Qi Yanxi was displeased. “Save my number! Do as I say next time!”

Wiping away her sweat, An Xiaxia nodded perfunctorily so that she could get him off her back.

Not far from them, Sheng Yize’s face darkened.

With his sharp ears, he had heard every word of that conversation.

That blockhead! Did she even realize what she had got herself into?! She certainly nodded quickly enough!

He went over and dragged An Xiaxia away.

An Xiaxia mumbled, “What are you doing?”

“Back to training!”

As the instructor blew his whistle, everyone resumed their training.

That afternoon, the instructor set them to try a quick march.

An Xiaxia was full of confidence, but when she actually began to march, something embarrassing happened.

She was walking homolaterally!

The troubled instructor tried to correct her, but to no avail.

“Sheng Yize! Come over here and train her row!” commanded the instructor.

Sheng Yize followed the order and eyed An Xiaxia in resignation, then called out the orders for the girls.

“Left-right-left, left-right-left…”

The other girls were glowing with delight, all performing perfectly in front of their idol.

In contrast, the homolateral An Xiaxia immediately became the laughingstock of the whole class.

“Hahaha, she looks so stupid! Does she have uncoordinated limbs?”

“No, that’s not it. Walking homolaterally is a problem with her uncoordinated head.”

“This is hilarious… gosh, I have to videotape this and post it on Weibo!”

An Xiaxia kept walking in despair and felt on the verge of bursting into tears.

With no other option, Sheng Yize took her arm and guided her in sticking out her leg. The two of them stood so close that she could smell the clean fragrance of soap from him.

It only made An Xiaxia even more nervous. She remained homolateral in the second round.

And she was able to accomplish something else —

She had successfully affected her entire row and made everyone else homolateral, too!

The instructor watched this with an open mouth.

Finding this unbelievable, he asked the entire class to march together.

A remarkable thing happened. The whole class… was walking homolaterally.

“Dummy Xia, are you cursed or something?” Su Xiaomo offered her merciless mocking.

An Xiaxia felt like crying a river.

Frowning, the instructor said loudly, “Be quiet! Now, I will demonstrate the correct movement… when you hear the order ‘quick time, march!’, put your left leg forward about 75 cm and swing out your right arm…”

Before he could finish, the crowd erupted with frantic laughter.

Even the instructor had fallen victim to the curse!