Chapter 78: Homolateral Walking Is Contagious (2)

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“Hahaha! What the hell! Is our class doomed?”

“I’m cracking up here. So homolateral walking really is contagious!”

“I’m having a hard time understanding this… what just happened?”

Everyone was talking at the same time. One person walking homolaterally was a laughing matter, but when everyone was doing it, it became a hilarious incident.

Dark-faced, the instructor scolded the crowd before ordering, “An Xiaxia, step out!”

An Xiaxia walked out, looking very innocent.

The instructor stared at her for a moment before letting out a sigh. “An Xiaxia, how about you take a break?”

An Xiaxia: “T_T All right…”

She found a corner and stayed there like a deserted puppy as she drew circles on the ground with a little twig she picked up.

Mhm… she hadn’t meant to walk homolaterally, but, but she just couldn’t help it!

After she left the ranks, the instructor gradually corrected the rest of the class after calling out orders for a few rounds.

However, when his glance passed inadvertently over An Xiaxia sitting alone on the side, he couldn’t bear to see the poor girl all by herself. After quickly going over the students, he beckoned at Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi. “You two, please come here.”

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi exchanged a look, then reluctantly walked to the instructor together.

“Ahem, both of you have performed admirably, hence I have an honorable task for you two. Do you have the confidence to fulfill it?” asked the instructor with a straight face.

Neither replied. Both faces were saying “I’m not going to be tricked into this unless you tell us what it is first.”

The instructor rubbed his head awkwardly and pointed at An Xiaxia in the corner. “See that girl over there? You two go keep her company. Chat with her or play cards, take your pick. Come back at the end of the training session.”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Qi Yanxi: “…”

Were they being turned into male escorts now?

Qi Yanxi raised an eyebrow and grinned. “Sure, no problem. But I think I alone am more than enough for the task. Sheng Yize can resume his training!”

Before he could finish, Sheng Yize was already walking toward An Xiaxia.

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes and followed suit.

An Xiaxia had just drawn a very big circle with much difficult when a person stepped into it. Looking up in surprise, she saw Sheng Yize’s indifferent face. She asked naively, “Sheng Yize? Why are you here?”

Sheng Yize eyed her scornfully. “How old are you now? Drawing circles? So childish.”

An Xiaxia’s mouth twitched at his words. Just then, Qi Yanxi whistled and greeted in his swaggering manner, “Hello, An Xiaxia.”

Without thinking about it, An Xiaxia hid behind Sheng Yize automatically and asked in an alert voice, “What are you here as well?”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow and seemed very satisfied with her subconscious move.

Good, she was smart enough to hide now.

Qi Yanxi’s eyes darkened a little and he smiled roguishly. “I thought you looked very lonely so I’m here just to keep you company. Aren’t you going to thank me?”

An Xiaxia said reluctantly, “But… I don’t want your company.”

That wiped the smile off Qi Yanxi’s face completely.

This woman was the only one who showed him no respect at all!

Grinding his teeth, he moved one step closer and wanted to teach this girl a lesson. However, Sheng Yize had moved in between them without changing his composure.

Qi Yanxi gave up the attempt very regretfully. After all, it would do neither of them good by breaking into a fight here.

Qi Yanxi glared at the other two, then sat down where An Xiaxia was, indicating that he was going nowhere.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips. “Sheng Yize, do you want some water? Shall I go buy you some?”

She could leave if he wouldn’t!

Sheng Yize darted her a look. “Sure, but… do you have any money?”

An Xiaxia felt inside her pocket and the look on her face changed.