Chapter 79: Drowning! Life and Death!

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After quickly going through everything in her head, An Xiaxia realized a sad fact —

She had left her wallet at home!

Seeing the miserable yet adorable look on her face, a quick smile flashed across Sheng Yize’s face. He then said unhurriedly, “Uncle knew you forgot to take any money, so he left your pocket money with me.”

An Xiaxia’s face lit up. “Give me some money for the water!”

“How much?”

“Hm, ten yuan.” An Xiaxia opened her fair and tender palm and asked for money from Sheng Yize.

“Soda’s not good for your health. Have bottled water instead, and it’s cheaper,” said Sheng Yize slowly, which dumbfounded An Xiaxia.

Why was that his business now?

Sheng Yize took out his wallet and found a five-yuan note, which he handed to An Xiaxia. “There.”

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth. “That’s so stingy!”

Sheng Yize ignored her remark. “Do you want it or not? I can always take it back.”

“Yes! Yes, I do!” An Xiaxia grabbed the money eagerly.

Qi Yanxi snorted grumpily at their affectionate interaction. He had found a foxtail grass somewhere and stuck it between his teeth. He felt very neglected.

An Xiaxia happily went away for the water when the rest of the class just happened to be taking their break. Chi Yuanfeng trotted over to them and clasped Sheng Yize’s shoulder. “Brother, I want an ice cream, but I don’t have any money on me! Gimme some money! Gimme some money!”

Sheng Yize tossed him his wallet, looking indifferent. “Take it.”

Qi Yanxi snorted again. So, he had acted so tight-fisted just to talk more with An Xiaxia!

This calculating man was no different than he had been two years ago!

Five minutes later.

Chi Yuanfeng had returned with his ice cream but there was no sign of An Xiaxia. Sheng Yize frowned.

“Did you see An Xiaxia anywhere?” he asked Chi Yuanfeng.

Chi Yuanfeng took a bite of his ice cream and said with a full mouth, “Maybe she went to a different shop. I think Jian Xin’er and Li Canxing went that way as well.”

Sheng Yize’s pupils contracted at those words and a cold and murderous aura seemed to come off him. Qi Yanxi rose to his feet at this, eager to exchange some blows.

However, Sheng Yize walked past him and strode in the direction of the shop.

When he got there, the girls were nowhere to be found.

He made a quiet inquiry with the female shop owner, who asked for a signed photo and took a picture with him before prattling, “Oh, those girls. They went to play by the creek together, saying they’ll be back soon.”

Sheng Yize’s eyebrows bunched together and he quickly went in that direction after them.

The creek.

An Xiaxia kicked at the rocks around at her feet while Su Xiaomo made crackling sounds with her knuckles.

“Hey, did you people try to take it out on my Dummy Xia?” shouted Su Xiaomo. She ran into them when they had stopped An Xiaxia at the entrance of the shop and had brought them all here.

Returning violence with violence might not be the ideal choice, but it was the best way to deal with these little bitches!

Ding Yiyi and Jian Xin’er stumbled back, apparently intimidated by her. Li Canxing, on the other hand, remained calm. “We have nothing to say to you.”

She moved a step forward and Su Xiaomo raised a hand to stop her. Li Canxing then nudged her deliberately, causing Su Xiaomo to lose her footing and bump into An Xiaxia on the other side.

The rocks under An Xiaxia’s feet were so slippery that she fell into the water right away!

“Aaah —” An Xiaxia scream.

Li Canxing smiled with satisfaction, but still managed to feign surprise. “Why, I thought An Xiaxia was your friend. Why did you knock her over?”