Chapter 8: You’re Such A Pervert! (1)

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Sheng Yize was quietly conversing with He Jiayu and didn’t notice. It was actually Chi Yuanfeng who bent down to pick up the pen and bring it over to An Xiaxia with a smile. “Did you drop this?”

An Xiaxia’s small face turned red noticeably. She stared at Chi Yuanfeng’s enchantingly beautiful and youthful face and ended up stuttering, “Yes… yes, that’s mine…”

Chi Yuanfeng smiled as charmingly as ever as he set the pen down on An Xiaxia’s desk.

An Xiaxia patted herself on the cheeks, still feeling as though she was in the clouds.

The trio then sat down in the very last row at the back, attracting the attention of every student in the class!

The male students in the class were still rather calm. However, the female students were like boiling water and their eyes were glued to the trio. Their gazes were so feverish that they looked as if they were ready to dash over at any moment.

Luckily, a female teacher appeared at the door in time, redirecting everyone’s attention.

“Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Bai Ziyue and I will be your class teacher as well as your literature teacher for the next year. I hope we’ll get along very well.” Bai Ziyue introduced herself with a smile. She had exquisite facial features and when she smiled, there were two small dimples in her cheeks.

People naturally loved beauty and everyone applauded loudly to welcome the pretty class teather.

Miss Bai smiled and instructed some male students to bring the course materials over from the dean’s office. She then casually began to call out names, saying that she wanted to get to know the students.

“Fu Ya.”



“Kang Jian.”

“Ah? What… ah, here!”

“An Xiaxia.”



When Miss Bai read the names of Kang Jian and An Xiaxia on the attendance list, she chuckled. “You two mischievous kids better behave yourselves from now on.”

An Xiaxia felt embarrassed and Kang Jian’s reaction was even more exaggerated. His handsome face was completely red.

He had grown up with scary teachers pointing at his nose and scolding him, telling him that he would never amount to anything. A good-looking and gentle female teacher like this was hard to come by and Kang Jian felt that his little heart was almost too weak to take it.

Miss Bai stood at the podium and said with a smile, “After everyone finishes their cleaning chores, you’re free to go home. The morning classes are over now. By the way, the three members of Starry Night have become members of this class and as a fellow fan, I’m very excited. However, as a teacher, I hope everyone will remain sensible when interacting with them. Sheng Yize, He Jiayu, and Chi Yuanfeng, in your future studies, I’ll treat you the same as everyone else. I hope you’ll adjust well to your status as students~”

The trio was kind enough to give her a nod in unison, at which another round of applause erupted in the classroom.

After that, she delegated the cleaning duties according to the name list, which An Xiaxia listened to half-heartedly.

“Hm… An Xiaxia, Jian Xin’er, and Sheng Yize. You three are in charge of sweeping the roof. Be safe and thank you for your hard work,” said Miss Bai with a smile while the female students all let out a “wow” as they looked at An Xiaxia and the girl named Jian Xin’er in envy.

“Sheng Yize, is that alright?” Miss Bai attentively asked for Sheng Yize’s opinion.

Sheng Yize nodded with a quiet “hm.”

An Xiaxia felt her heart thump frantically and she took a few deep breaths before heading over to get the cleaning tools.

The roof was on the eleventh floor and An Xiaxia struggled to climb up with her short legs. She snuck a glance behind her, where Jian Xin’er was trying very hard to strike up a conversation with Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize seemed to notice her stare and turned his head. They gazed directly into each other’s eyes.

An Xiaxia felt as though her heart was going to stop beating.