Chapter 82: You Rascal!

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Sheng Yize felt his temples throb. “Don’t you have anything nice to say? Such as thanking the person who just saved your life…”

An Xiaxia sounded overwhelmed by sorrow. “There’s no one around and my phone has no reception! We have no food! We’ll either die from starvation or get eaten by animals at night! That’s it, I’m recording my last words for my dad and brother T_T!”

Sheng Yize watched poker-faced as An Xiaxia tapped open the recording app with tears trickling down her cheeks. “Dad, Brother, I love you both, but I’m going to die any minute now, sob … I saved all my New Year gift money on my bankcard and the password is Dad’s birthday. That’s all my savings… keep it in a safe place… I stashed two packs of chips away in my drawer. Do remember to take them out, or they’ll expire… all my game accounts are in my little notebook. Sell them. They’re worth a lot!”

As she sobbed and prattled on, Sheng Yize felt an impulse to throw her back into the creek!

Where on earth did she get all these ridiculous ideas!

“And most importantly, remember to burn Rong Che oppa’s poster and album as my sacrificial offerings! The path to the other world won’t be so frightening with him by my side…”

At those words, Sheng Yize couldn’t take it any more. He snatched the phone away from her hands and bellowed, “You wish! You might be ready to die, but don’t drag me into it!”

“Huh?” An Xiaxia had been crying with full devotion and even gave a little teary hiccup, which dissipated Sheng Yize’s anger right away.

Sigh… disciplinary measures simply wouldn’t work on her! Could anyone tell him what to do with this woman?

He pointed to somewhere in the distance with his long and powerful finger. “Are you blind? Smoke is rising in that direction, which means we can find people there. We can simply go over there and ask for help!”

An Xiaxia turned her confused gaze in that direction and saw the smoke Sheng Yize was talking about.

She hiccuped again and spoke in a tone as if she had been wronged, “Then why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

Sheng Yize sneered. “I was just curious how dumb you could be!”

He strode out with his long legs and An Xiaxia trotted after him.

A little while later, Sheng Yize suddenly handed her his jacket, which An Xiaxia took. She then grumbled, “It’s wet. Why are you giving it to me?” He could at least try to be more romantic if he was going to imitate the trendy dramas!

Sheng Yize said scornfully without looking back, “Although we’re the only two people here, I don’t want to take advantage of you, An Xiaxia. Because… there really isn’t much to look at.”

An Xiaxia held his jacket in her arms and only remembered to check herself after another long while.

Her wet clothes had stuck to her skin… which did little to cover anything.

An Xiaxia’s roar resonated in the woods. “Sheng Yize! You, you rascal!”

“Like I said, there really isn’t much to look at. Do you expect me to poke my eyes out?” said Sheng Yize unhurriedly in a sarcastic tone.

Pouting, An Xiaxia wrapped his jacket around her shoulders, mumbling, “You don’t have much to look at, either!”

Sheng Yize turned around with a dark look. “An Xiaxia, any last words?”

An Xiaxia was petrified. “Wh- what are you doing…”

“It’s you and me alone in the middle of nowhere. What do you think?” Sheng Yize was deliberately trying to scare her.

Cornered, An Xiaxia struck out with her fist.

With a thump, Sheng Yize’s tall body slowly slumped to the ground.

An Xiaxia was dazed for two seconds, then she let out a shrill cry!