Chapter 84: Come, Let’s Share the Bed

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An Xiaxia made a face, then trotted into the kitchen to help the woman.

The evening glow painted her back a hyacinth color. Together with her fluttering black hair, it made a picturesque view.

A little smile crept onto Sheng Yize’s face. However, his jaw dropped when he caught a glimpse in the corner of his eye of the clothes hanging in the yard.

The thought of An Xiaxia changing his clothes and washing them… the skin behind his ears quickly turned pink again.

The dinner was delicately cooked, but neither of them was used to the flavor. They soon finished their meal after a few bites.

An Xiaxia went to help with the washing up after dinner, while Sheng Yize sat down and chatted with the woman’s husband — that Uncle Zhou who had taken them in — under the grape trellis.

“You two little ones must be more careful next time! You were very lucky this time. It gets dark early in the mountains and if no one found you, you two could be dead by now!” Uncle Zhou gave his advice while puffing on his cigarette.

Sheng Yize nodded and thanked him. Even in these plain clothes, he still struck others as an extraordinary young man.

“Speaking of that, your sister was frightened to tears when I found you. She was supporting you and walking toward our village with her tears running. Tsk, tsk…” Uncle Zhou chuckled when he recalled An Xiaxia’s sorry state when he found her.

Sheng Yize smiled with him, but felt his heart ached a little at the thought.

That dumb little thing must have been scared out of her wits.

In that brief moment before he had passed out, he actually thought An Xiaxia would have dumped him there and fled on her own.

So, the girl did have a conscience.

“She cries a lot,” said Sheng Yize, his face soft. “And she’s rather dumb.”

“Hahaha! But she’s your younger sister, so you must protect her no matter what! It’s like that saying: a hundred years of good prayers put people in the same boat, a thousand years put them in the same bed. You two must have said good prayers for several lifetimes to become brother and sister in this one. So, be nice to her.” Uncle Zhou patted him on the shoulder, gave him a hearty smile, then went back to his room.

Sheng Yize sat there quietly for a while before standing up and taking down their clothes.

An Xiaxia’s and his clothes were dry after hanging there for the whole afternoon. When he got to the last few articles of clothing, he stood there dazed at the strange pink thing in his hand.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded again when it was time to go to bed.

Sheng Yize gritted his teeth. Glaring at An Xiaxia, who was standing on the threshold of the door, he scolded, “You just had to say we’re siblings! See what you got us into now?”

An Xiaxia puckered up her face. Never had she expected Uncle and Auntie Zhou to put them in the same bedroom!

However, the Zhou family only had two rooms. They would have to borrow a room from the neighbor if they were to sleep in separate rooms and An Xiaxia couldn’t bring herself to make more trouble for the family.

“Well… how about we just make do for the night. Uncle will take us back in his car tomorrow,” suggested An Xiaxia timidly. Seeing that Sheng Yize didn’t object, she probed, “So… how is it gonna be?”

Sheng Yize didn’t even blink. “What do you think? Obviously I’ll take the bed. You can sleep on the floor.”

An Xiaxia cried out silently toward heaven.

She knew it!

Looking at the bluestone-paved floor, she was a little afraid.

“What if snakes get in at night… I’m scared…” An Xiaxia played the adorable puppy again.

Sheng Yize hesitated at this. An Xiaxia then grabbed the opportunity to climb onto the bed, caring about nothing else. She even beckoned Sheng Yize enthusiastically. “Come, let’s share the bed.”

Sheng Yize felt the corner of his mouth twitch. Why did this picture look so wrong?


He raised an eyebrow and picked up a pair of pink panties out of the pile of clothes. In an unhurried tone, he said, “An Xiaxia, about your taste… I really don’t know what to say.”