Chapter 85: The first to speak is a dog

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As he expected, An Xiaxia bristled right away. Her cheeks flushed as red as the butt of a monkey and she snatched away the thing in his hand with lightning speed. She stammered, “You… you! I thought you were better than this!”

“I’m only telling the truth. A pink kitten… what are you? A primary school student? That’s terrible.” Sheng Yize blinked, recalling the girl’s teasing this afternoon. It was high time that he struck back!

An Xiaxia went scarlet in the face. Staring at Sheng Yize with her big teary eyes, she couldn’t utter a single word.

Seeing how easily she blushed, Sheng Yize frowned and asked, “What about changing my clothes like you mentioned?”

“What do you think? Uncle Zhou changed them for you! I’m not perverted like you!” An Xiaxia roared vigorously, but her face had turned redder…

She did wash all his clothes… but they had just escaped death and she hadn’t had time to think about anything else.

Now that she looked back on what she had done, she was somehow so bashful…

“Sheng Yize! I’m officially not talking to you now! The first one to speak is a dog!” Angered by her embarrassment, An Xiaxia climbed into bed, put a pillow between them as a barrier, then lay down with her back facing Sheng Yize. Her vexation looked most amusing.

A quick smile flashed across Sheng Yize’s face as he lay down beside her.

He closed his eyes. A dull pain reminded him of the injury from earlier.

How could he not get hurt by jumping into such a dangerous creek?

However, there was no need to tell her that.

The room was so quiet that they could hear each other’s breathing. Outside, some unknown insect was chirping. The October autumn night was cool and tranquil.

As someone hooked on the internet, An Xiaxia naturally couldn’t fall asleep so easily. After tossing on the bed for ages, she cleared her throat unwillingly and whispered, “Sheng Yize, are you asleep?”

Sheng Yize couldn’t be bothered the answer.

An Xiaxia grumbled, “He fell asleep fast enough…”

Reaching out a hand, she tentatively poked Sheng Yize’s face.

Pop — she did it!

Gosh, how could a guy have such nice skin.

Satisfied, An Xiaxia was going to poke him again when a pair of big hands caught hers halfway!

“You’re awake? Hehehe…” An Xiaxia smiled awkwardly, feeling more like crying.

What the heck! He could have made a sound if he was awake!

“Where were you planning to do if I was sleeping?” Turning his head her way, Sheng Yize asked unhurriedly.

An Xiaxia forced a laugh. “Let’s talk about life and the future and turn our gazes to the sky to stop our tears!”

Sheng Yize stared at her with an expressionless face. After a long while, the corner of his mouth twitched. “Ok.”

“Hey, do you have to be so cold? We’ve been through death together if nothing else. Is it too much to want to chat with you?” An Xiaxia rolled her eyes cutely at him.

Sheng Yize pondered. “All I remember is someone saying ‘the first to speak is a dog.’ Did you hear that?”

An Xiaxia: “…”

Bah! Why did she have to trigger a flag she set up herself?

She put on a straight face. “No, that definitely wasn’t me. Your younger sister Sheng Xiaxia said that, but I’m your classmate An Xiaxia now.”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

In the silver moonlight, the spider on the roof was blown down by the wind and just happened to land by An Xiaxia’s ear.

Frowning, Sheng Yize turned around and moved closer. Not knowing what was going on, An Xiaxia shrieked. “What are you doing! You rascal! You dog! I’m a minor! If you try anything, I – I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” asked Sheng Yize hoarsely.