Chapter 86: Sorry About My Sleeping Posture

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Faltering, An Xiaxia couldn’t put together a coherent sentence. Her little face had turned red and hot instead!

Sheng Yize was now above her and within reach. The fluid lines of his profile made him look like an exquisite piece of art.

An Xiaxia’s heart was pounding in her chest and she was so rigid that she couldn’t even move a finger.

Sheng Yize casually caught the spider between his fingers and waved it in front of An Xiaxia’s face. An Xiaxia looked horrified and moved away from it as far as she could. “Ah! What is that?! Get it away from me!”

Sheng Yize said unhurriedly, “First of all, a rascal would never share the same bed with you without doing things other than chatting. Secondly, An Xiaxia, when can you stop flattering yourself all the time?”

An Xiaxia was hurt and froze on the spot. She was going to lick her wounds quietly in the chilly autumn wind.

Sheng Yize threw the spider out of the window and lay back down on his pillow. He then spoke in a seemingly casual tone. “What do you want to talk about?”

An Xiaxia had yet to recover from the shock. She checked every corner of the bed to make sure there were no other bugs before letting out a sigh of relief.

The two then lay down shoulder to shoulder, fixing their gazes on the resplendent starry night outside.

The air was fresher in the mountains and the night sky was also stunning out here. They were able to savor a completely different night view here than in the city.

An Xiaxia reached out with her hand, as if she was going to pluck out a star.

“I envy the stars so much. They don’t need to do anything. They just twinkle in the sky to pass their time.”

Sheng Yize was the only one to hear his own unspoken criticism: you only said that because you want to be an idle freeloader yourself!

He gave her a basic science lesson in an indifferent tone. “Most of the stars you see reflect the light of the sun. Actually, most of the stars are so far away from us that the light we see in the night sky are from dozens of millions of years ago. Some of the stars might not even exist now.”

An Xiaxia found that explanation puzzling. “So?”

“So it’s not right to piss away your time! A star is always a foil to the sun. Why not try to become a little sun yourself?” Sheng Yize tried to pour some chicken soup for the soul into her head.

An Xiaxia rolled lazily on the bed and replied with an absentminded “oh.”

Sheng Yize smacked his own forehead. Whatever! He gave up!

An Xiaxia rolled around happily for a while before sighing. “I envy you so much, and Chi Yuanfeng, and He Jiayu. You’re all big stars and stand out in any crowd. You’re like the name of your group — Starry Night. You’re that boundless starry night and you have countless fans. That’s so nice…”

Sheng Yize sneered and made no comment.

“But have you ever thought, without the stars, will there be a starry night?”

They were the most ordinary of teenagers who just happened to be elevated to that position at the right time.

He waited for a while, but the reply never came.

Sheng Yize glanced to the side to find An Xiaxia speaking lazily with her eyelids drooping. “Stars… all stars, hm… I might sprawl all over the bed. I hope you don’t mind.”

After that announcement, her eyelashes jerked slightly and she slowly fell asleep.

Sheng Yize curled his lips in disdain, tucked her in, then closed his own eyes.

He thought An Xiaxia was only joking about sprawling all over the bed.

However, he thoroughly understood what she meant by that in the middle of the night!

In his sleep, he felt a choking and crushing sensation around his neck.

Opening his eyes, he saw what happened! An Xiaxia had long changed directions on the bed and put her feet on his neck!

Blue veins popped in the corner of Sheng Yize’s forehead.