Chapter 88: The Scariest Creature and Food In the World

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What did it mean to have super long legs?

An Xiaxia had never considered that question. However, when she finally managed to put considerable distance between her and Sheng Yize and was panting next to an electric pole, Sheng Yize caught up with her in no time. He gave her a cold look as he held onto her collar. An Xiaxia thought enviously, “I wish I had those 180 cm legs…”

“Calm down and let’s talk like civilized people. Be careful with what you’re doing. You’re still a star. It’ll look very bad for you if someone steals a photo of you like this…” An Xiaxia tried to talk her way out of this.

Sheng Yize wasn’t going to be fooled by her words. He snorted and ordered, “Explain yourself.”

An Xiaxia gave a few groans, then jumped up to put the hood of his jacket over his head and said in an ingratiating tone, “Boss Yize, it’s all my fault. It was just a slip of the tongue… are you hungry? Let’s go get something to eat!”

The change in topic was so deliberate that Sheng Yize found it too cruel to point it out. He lowered the hood over his face and decided to cut her some slack for now.

Hmph, it wasn’t like she could go anywhere!

Seeing that Sheng Yize was letting the subject go, An Xiaxia was secretly relieved. However, her smile froze when she felt her pockets.

“Um… Sheng Yize, do you have any money on you?”

“Nope,” replied Sheng Yize matter-of-factly. He had given his wallet to Chi Yuanfeng that day and gone to find An Xiaxia before Chi Yuanfeng gave it back.

An Xiaxia hesitated for a while before producing a crumpled five-yuan note from her pocket. “This is all I have.”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Ten minutes later.

The two stood by the window of a convenience store, fighting over a cup of instant noodles.

“Hey! I bought it with my own money! You’re not eating it!” An Xiaxia was fuming.

“I gave you that money, ok?”

“I’m a girl, so you should back off!”

“I’m sick, so shouldn’t you be concerned with my health?”

An Xiaxia was hopelessly defeated after some bantering. She then came up with a final solution. “I’ll go get another pair of chopsticks; let’s eat in turn!”

Sheng Yize winced a little before his lips curled up. “All right.”

While An Xiaxia trotted away to cajole the shop owner for chopsticks, he darted a look at the instant noodles An Xiaxia had handpicked.

She had picked out a most exceptional flavor — spicy hot pot.

He used to think the scariest creatures in the world were women and the scariest food was instant noodles.

Today, he was facing them both.

Why did life have to be so tough…

Before long, An Xiaxia returned with a pair of disposable chopsticks and raised her chin. “Pinky swear!”

“Where is the trust between people…” The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. Did he look like one of those people who broke their promises?

An Xiaxia shook her head. “I don’t trust you. This is a critical moment and who’s to say you wouldn’t do anything inhuman or immoral?”

Sheng Yize was speechless for two seconds. He then raised his hand and made a pinky swear with An Xiaxia.

“Make a pinky promise and let’s keep our words for a hundred years…” While An Xiaxia chanted the words in a serious tone, Sheng Yize stood dazed on the spot.

Someone had said those words of promise with him once.

But then…

“Are you going to eat or not?” An Xiaxia waved her hand in front of his eyes.

Sheng Yize came back to himself and took a mouthful with the chopsticks. An Xiaxia watched eagerly on the side and kept reminding him, “Don’t each so much! That’s a lot for a bite! Leave some for me!”

After that, An Xiaxia took over the cup and took a mouthful with her fork, then passed it back to Sheng Yize most reluctantly.

Even the shop owner couldn’t bear to watch this. He then beckoned at An Xiaxia. “Here, this bag of pickles is on the house!”