Chapter 89: Are You, Like, My Anti-fan?

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An Xiaxia was shocked by the shop owner’s “generosity” and asked in disbelief, “Really? You would do that?”

The shop owner chuckled at her reaction. “Yes. Here, take it.”

An Xiaxia rushed over and took the pickles in rapture.

The shop owner asked casually, “Is that your boyfriend? He’s so good-looking… he looks like someone from that music group my daughter watches on TV… what’s it called…”

An Xiaxia forced out a smile. “Hoho, he does, doesn’t he?”

She ran back to Sheng Yize, leaving no time for the shop owner to think, then showed him the pickles as if she was exhibiting some treasure. “Look! Pickles!”

Sheng Yize darted a look at her and sighed.

This girl was so easily satisfied.

He was almost at his wits’ end with her obliviousness.

“You can have it.” He then stared at the view outside the window, while An Xiaxia took the cup in bewilderment and finished the rest of the noodles.

She wasn’t going to waste the food!

One cup wasn’t even close to filling two stomachs. When the bus pulled into the station, An Xiaxia was still hungry.

Sheng Yize booked two bus tickets online and boarded with An Xiaxia.

The bus to Yu City was almost filled up. There were only two seats left in the back row.

The passengers packed densely inside somehow frightened An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize seemed to sense what was going on in her head, for he was holding her hand before she realized it.

An Xiaxia felt her fluster disappear right away.

They took their seats and chatted briefly before An Xiaxia yawned and began to fall asleep.

Sheng Yize watched her head slowly sink to the side, almost bumping into the window pane.

Without thinking, he put his palm flat on the window and An Xiaxia’s forehead landed on the back of his hand. She didn’t wake up.

Sheng Yize sat there dazed for a second. He then slowly turned An Xiaxia’s head the other way and let her lean on his shoulder.

He smiled with satisfaction.

Taking An Xiaxia’s phone, he sent a message and thought about how ridiculous the events of the past two days had been.

Falling into a river, no money to buy food, traveling on a long-distance bus…

All these things that he had never expected to experience in his life were somehow shared with An Xiaxia.

Somehow, it didn’t feel so bad after all.

When An Xiaxia woke up, the bus had just arrived at Yu City.

After getting off, she was about to call An Yibei to pick her up when a luxurious Porsche stopped with a whoosh in front of her.

Wow… nice car…

Although, why did it look so familiar?

She was still wondering when Sheng Yize pulled her into the car.

It was only after she saw the smiling face of the uncle driving the car that An Xiaxia remembered: this was Sheng Yize’s ride!

She opened her eyes wide. “Uncle, how come you knew we would be at the station?”

“Young Master contacted me,” said the driver respectfully.

An Xiaxia turned to Sheng Yize and saw his usual indifferent face. However, something seemed off; it was just that she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Sheng Yize looked at the view outside and smiled mockingly at himself.

There were a million ways they could have come back earlier, but he had chosen not to do anything.

Women were indeed the scariest creatures in the world.

He turned around and said unhurriedly, “An Xiaxia, you still haven’t explained what you meant by those words.”

“What words?” An Xiaxia tried to play dumb.

“You said you’ll never trash me again…” Sheng Yize raised a nice-looking brow. “Are you, like, my anti-fan?”

“Where did that come from! No! I’m not! I’m really not!” An Xiaxia denied loudly, feeling very much eaten up by her guilty conscience.

“So the answer is yes.” Sheng Yize sneered and closed in on An Xiaxia, who had now rolled herself into a ball.