Chapter 92: I’m Off, Bye

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“An Xiaxia, are you feeling alright? I’m here to check up on you.” Qi Yanxi was carrying two boxes of tonic in his hands and despite the smile on his face, there was something vicious about him.

An Xiaxia was afraid of them breaking into a fight again and forced herself to walk to the door. “I don’t need your visit. You can go now. Bye bye.”

She was going to close the front door when Qi Yanxi quickly blocked her way.

“An Xiaxia, I’m a friendly visitor, after all. I know you don’t like me, but you shouldn’t throw me out like that,” said Qi Yanxi, leaning on the doorframe in his roguish manner. An Xiaxia was inferior in her strength and stomped her feet in frustration. “What on earth do you want? Shouldn’t you be at military training now?”

Qi Yanxi scratched his chin. “Oh… the military training… I’ll go when I feel like it, otherwise no one can make me.”

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth. Sheng Yize pulled her behind him and raised an eyebrow at Qi Yanxi. “I suggest you behave yourself. I heard your old man is coming back…”

Qi Yanxi’s face darkened as he mumbled a curse. He could already picture how hellish his life was going to be in a few days.

He pointed at Sheng Yize’s nose and cursed, “You bastard, Sheng Yize! Just wait and see! You’ll pay for this!”

After those threatening words, he thrust the boxes into An Xiaxia’s hands, then hurried off, soon disappearing into the night.

An Xiaxia watched this with an open mouth. She then turned to Sheng Yize. “Wow, you’re awesome! You scared him off just like that!”

Sheng Yize lowered his cap and said calmly, “I’m off, bye.”

“Hey… wait a minute!” An Xiaxia called after him and said earnestly, “Take it easy on any physical exercise. Call 120 if you don’t feel right. And, you’ll come back, won’t you…”

An Xiaxia didn’t know where that last bit came from, but subconsciously, she felt that Sheng Yize was leaving her.

Sheng Yize paused at this before quickening his steps a few seconds later. She had no idea if he would listen to her or not.

An Xiaxia took a walk and picked up her phone after returning to the house. She then habitually began to browse the gossip online.

What she read made her jump.

Someone posted the news of Sheng Yize falling into a river two days ago and the fans were frantic. At the pressure, the company asked Sheng Yize to give a press conference.

Right now, it was live.

An Xiaxia tapped into the video of the live stream and saw Sheng Yize’s exquisite face.

After a change of clothes and with his hair fixed, he looked refreshed.

Sister Ke, their manager, gave a brief introduction, stating that the whole thing was a rumor.

The reporters wouldn’t buy it and began to ask all sorts of pointed questions.

“Captain Yize, did someone do this to you on purpose?”

“Were you hurt falling into the river? Will it affect your acting career?”

“Is this the company’s crisis management?”


Lu Ke waved her hand and smiled. “Yize has prepared something for everyone. It’s now showtime!”

The reporters were surprised by this. What? Was this press conference turning into a fan meeting?

The staff immediately handed Sheng Yize the earphone mic and the rhythm of a fast-beat song rang out.

It was a famous dance song by Starry Night: “When Love Arrives.”

An Xiaxia bolted to her feet.

He was so badly wounded, he shouldn’t be dancing!