Chapter 95: Why Are You Always Without Clothes

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Sheng Yize chuckled. “You mean it?”

“Yes!” An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly.

Sheng Yize walked past her, picked Snowy up, and returned it to its nest. After he fed it some cat food, Snowy meowed some more before rolling up in its nest and falling asleep.

He went back to his room only to find An Xiaxia still hiding behind his door, hearing danger in every sound.

“You’re safe,” he whispered.

An Xiaxia let out a breath of relief and patted her chest as she leaned on the door. However, when she glanced at Sheng Yize in passing, she froze on the spot as if someone had just cast a spell on her.


Could someone please explain to her: why wasn’t Sheng Yize wearing any clothes?

So, she had thrown herself onto a naked body just then?

Sheng Yize waved his hands in front of her dumbstruck face, asking, “Hello? Anybody home?”

An Xiaxia felt like her head had just been thrown into a dryer: what did I just see? Aaah!

“Why are you always going around without any clothes?!” An Xiaxia asked in vexation.

“…” Sheng Yize also realized this all of a sudden and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Then why are you stumbling into my room all the time?”

Both pleaded guilty to the charges and fell into a strange silence.

Rubbing her hair embarrassedly, An Xiaxia looked around to find an excuse to leave.

Her eyes then accidentally caught on the pile of medicine in the room.

An Xiaxia winced at what she saw, then she took a closer look at Sheng Yize, forgetting about how shy she had been a minute before. Knitting her pretty eyebrows, she said, “Sheng Yize, don’t tell me that you haven’t been to the hospital yet.”

Sheng Yize shook his head.

An Xiaxia: “… How did you manage to survive all these years?”

After her sarcastic comment, she dragged Sheng Yize toward the sofa and asked him to sit down, then ordered, “Don’t move while I rebandage your wounds!”

Sheng Yize was too astonished to react to this command and had to let An Xiaxia have her way with him.

Thanks to Papa An’s good influence, An Xiaxia was well-practiced in dealing with simple wounds. After swiftly removing the bandages on Sheng Yize’s back, she picked up a cotton swab with her slightly cold hand and used it to gently apply the medicine to his wounds.

Sheng Yize tensed up right away; the sensation on this back was gnawing at him.

It was more agonizing than the pain from the wounds.

Thinking he was cringing from the pain, An Xiaxia said apologetically, “Does it hurt? I’m sorry. I’ll be gentle.” She then made a little pout and blew on his wounds.

Sheng Yize bounced out of his seat right away. Frowning, he pushed An Xiaxia out of his room in an almost rude way.

“Get out.”

Brandishing the cotton swab in her hand, An Xiaxia bared her teeth and seethed, “Are you nuts? Is this how you repay my kindness? What if your wounds get infected? What if…”

“I’ll take care of it myself. It’s none of your business.” Sheng Yize felt the flame of irritation rise inside him and simply slammed the door in her face.

An Xiaxia could feel smoke rising up from her crown.

That bastard! He could go die in agony; he deserved it!

She went downstairs in a huff.

Inside, Sheng Yize leaned on the door with an expressionless face. It was a long time before he heaved a sigh.

That little idiot. What was he going to do with her?

Because of the incident An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize had been embroiled in, military training was naturally off the menu. The two rested at home for a few days before the new semester began at Qixia.

Going back to school filled An Xiaxia with all sorts of emotions.

The results for the monthly exams came out and everyone was refreshing the school website repeatedly. An Xiaxia was no exception.

Sheng Yize opened up his phone and scrolled down the screen with his long finger. He started searching the other way round from 500.

No. 476: An Xiaxia.

He put his phone away nonchalantly after seeing that line.

However, the corners of his mouth curled up despite himself.