Chapter 96: Sorry, My Hand Slipped

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“Aaah — my Captain Yize got first place in Year 1! Am I reading this right?”

“My Lord Jiayu came in third!”

“Awww, Lord Fengfeng is seventh!”

“Oh my god, I’m so in love with Starry Night. They’re handsome, they can sing and dance, and they even get such good grades!”


Hearing the excited discussion of all the girls around her, An Xiaxia almost felt like she would begin worshiping the three members of Starry Night as well.

They already had the brains, why did they have to be so good-looking at the same time!

Su Xiaomo was number 28 in Year 1. After guffawing with her hands on her waist, she asked An Xiaxia, “Dummy Xia, are you in the top 1500?”

There were barely 1600 Year 1 students in Qixia in total…

An Xiaxia swore this world had something against her.

She kept scrolling down the ranking sheet. “I’m still looking… Worthless Kang, what did you get?”

Kang Jian smacked his phone on the table gallantly. “I looked for myself backward from last place. Xiaxia Wifey, I’m number 1590. Isn’t that awesome?”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. “You blockhead. That makes you the 10th last in our year, doesn’t it? Here’s my merciless ridicule for you.”

Kang Jian shrugged and thought little of that remark. He then moved closer to see An Xiaxia’s grades.

After much scrolling, An Xiaxia finally found her name and she jumped up in joy.

“Aaah! I made it into the top 500!”

Su Xiaomo listened to this in utter disbelief. “Wow, you can go buy a lottery ticket now. I never thought I’d live to see the day you get into the top 500…”

An Xiaxia hopped back to her seat in elation. She was going to tell Sheng Yize the good news, but hesitated before she said anything.

He now knew she was his anti-fan and… he had been so grumpy that day when she applied the medicine for him…

An Xiaxia bent over her desk in frustration.

Sheng Yize darted her a look, revealing nothing on his face.

Chi Yuanfeng took a bag of jelly some fan gave him and said thank you with a smile, which made the girl almost faint with excitement.

He tore the package open and happily ate the contents. Seeing that He Jiayu was still studying the ranking chart, he asked curiously, “Brother, why are you still looking at it? We’ve got such good grades. Let’s go celebrate tonight, shall we?”

He Jiayu smiled mildly and returned his gaze to his phone.

The second in Year 1: Mu Li. She was actually his classmate, but he couldn’t remember her face at all.

Number 28: Su Xiaomo… ahem, he hadn’t expected to see her so high up in the ranking.

He Jiayu made a mental note of both names.

The physical education class.

After the exercises, An Xiaxia snuck into a corner to play with her phone while Sheng Yize, He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng all participated in a basketball game. Immediately, the rest of the class all gathered around the basketball court.

While the boys were there for the game, the girls were… well, mostly there for the handsome faces.

Chi Yuanfeng drove past the defender and did a turnaround jump shot. Unfortunately, the angle was a little off and the basketball hit the rim, which then bounced off.

” Sigh —”

The boys sighed in unison, feeling sorry about a good shot missed.

The girls also sighed in unison, wishing they were the ball themselves, so that they could be held between Lord Fengfeng’s palms…

Kang Jian was going to pick up the ball when someone a distance away caught it in the air. The tall figure then bounced the ball a few times on the ground before hurtling it in a baffling direction.

Piak —

The fast incoming ball hit An Xiaxia in the head and the phone fell out of her hands.

She covered her head in pain. Looking up, she saw Qi Yanxi wave at her in his swaggering manner. “Hello, An Xiaxia. Sorry about that. My hand slipped.”