Chapter 97: Be a Man and Face Me Alone

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An Xiaxia was dazed on the spot.

She hadn’t seen this devil the entire morning and thought she had finally got rid of him. What on earth was going on now?!

Qi Yanxi smiled his roguish smile and waved at Class 3 of Year 1. “Hello, everybody. I’m Qi Yanxi. From now on, I’ll be your classmate. Nice to meet you all —”

A hush fell over the basketball court.

Every Qixia student knew about Qi Yanxi, the infamous devil…

Seeing that he was getting nothing back from the crowd, Qi Yanxi wiped the smile off his face and put on an arrogant sneer. “Of course, I’ll take very good care of you all as well!”

Before he could say anything else, a basketball flew at him from an impossible angle. Even someone as deft as Qi Yanxi failed to dodge it.

Thump —

Bull’s eye!

The ball smashed right into Qi Yanxi’s handsome face!

He touched his face in disbelief and his hand came back covered in the blood from his nose.

He glanced in the direction of the basketball court, where Sheng Yize was smiling at him coldly. “Sorry about that, my hand slipped.”

Various emotions flashed across Qi Yanxi’s face. He looked grimly back without a single word and seemed to be emanating a murderous aura. The students around him fell back, fearing that they might accidentally offend this devil.

Infuriated, Qi Yanxi broke into laughter. “Nice! Very nice! Sheng Yize, I’m impressed!” He picked up the basketball and was going to hurl it back at Sheng Yize when something knocked into the back of his head.

A basketball rolled under his feet as he looked back in disbelief. An Xiaxia was bristling. “Qi Yanxi! Are you out of your mind! You crazy dog!”

The crowd drew their breaths in unison; even Sheng Yize frowned a little.

“Did you just hit me with a ball, An Xiaxia?” Qi Yanxi asked, gritting his teeth.

“Didn’t you hit me as well? You ruined my Rong Che oppa, too!” An Xiaxia had completely lost it, for the screen of her phone had been smashed when the ball knocked it out of her hands. She had been drooling over a picture of Rong Che when she was interrupted!

She could live with anything else, but not messing with her idol!

That set her on fire, which resulted in that excellently aimed hit.

Qi Yanxi marched steadily up to An Xiaxia, who wasn’t intimidated at all. Raising her delicate chin, she said, “Play against me one on one, I dare you!”

Qi Yanxi almost broke into laughter; had the woman just gone mad?

Kang Jian jumped up anxiously. “Holy crap! This isn’t happening! I have to rescue my Xiaxia Wifey!”

Su Xiaomo smacked him back down. “Shut up, you idiot! How do you know Xiaxia will lose?”

“You heartless woman! What if my wife gets bullied?!” Flustered, Kang Jian almost felt like rolling around on the ground.

The PE teacher was fed up with the farce. He then blew the whistle to assemble everyone.

Qi Yanxi followed suit with a sneer.

The teacher cleared his throat and gave an introduction. “Everybody, this is Qi Yanxi. He has just transferred to our class today. I hope you’ll get along very well and become good friends in the future!”

A smattering of applause rang out in the crowd.

The bell rang at that moment, and the teach darted a worried look at An Xiaxia.

He would have liked to help her out, but he couldn’t! This was way beyond his pay grade!

He could only persuade An Xiaxia with a whisper, “An Xiaxia, I think it’ll be wise of you to step down now.”

An Xiaxia was speechless at this advice. However, Qi Yanxi was already marching toward her with a crooked smile on his face.

An Xiaxia stood ramrod straight. “Qi Yanxi! Are you a man or not?”

“Of course I am!”

“In that case, do I get to decide the rules?”

Qi Yanxi pursed his lips. He knew it. This woman had her own plan.

However, it seemed fun.

“How do you want to play it?”