Chapter 98: One Game Only

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“We’ll settle it one on one and with a single round!” An Xiaxia raised her delicate chin, not intimidated at all.

Sheng Yize’s eyebrows bunched together as he kept silent. Chi Yuanfeng nudged him and lowered his voice. “Brother, aren’t you gonna do something? Xiaxia is tiny. How can she possibly beat Qi Yanxi?”

He had been about to drag the little woman away. However, when he saw the confident light flashing in her eyes, for some reason, he didn’t interfere, but only moved a little closer.

In this spot, he could stop Qi Yanxi any time should the latter want to get physical.

If An Xiaxia was cornered, he would be her way out.

However, what were An Xiaxia and Qi Yanxi doing walking out of the school side by side? What happened to the one-on-one game?

He wasn’t the only one confused. Everyone else was also completely baffled.

With no other choice, Sheng Yize had to change his clothes, put on a cap and a gauze mask, then walk stealthily after them.

Qi Yanxi found them an internet cafe and generously smacked a credit card on the counter. “I’m taking the entire room!”

The staff’s face lit up. “Um, young man, we charge triple for that.”

“The card doesn’t have a password. Just take whatever you need!”

An Xiaxia watched this with a stunned look on her face. She made a sarcastic remark in frustration. “These diabolical capitalists… their luxurious bourgeois lifestyle…”

“The proletariat should keep her silence!” Qi Yanxi sneered. He then recalled An Xiaxia’s proposition and suddenly wanted to laugh.

This woman wanted to challenge him to PvP combat in a computer game!

Hmph, he grew up playing online games and was undefeated. How could this tiny woman threaten him?

Therefore, he had agreed without hesitation. He had even planned out what to do with her after he won!

Steamed in clear soup, braised in soy sauce, flavored with vinegar, dry stir fry… all in all, the little woman would get what she deserved!

He narrowed his eyes and smiled, which sent shivers down the spines of the students behind him.

Holy crap! They could see devil horns growing out of Qi Yanxi’s head! How frightening!

Standing in a corner, Sheng Yize smiled a little despite himself.

She was indeed an internet addict — she could even turn a heart-racing one-on-one challenge into an online game round.

The internet cafe was soon cleared of irrelevant people and the staff led them to the two computers with the highest configurations. The group of students followed them as well.

Qi Yanxi clicked open the hottest game of late, which was called “Wind and Cloud,” and logged into his very conspicuous game account.

He was your textbook white whale — his avatar’s outfit was so glittery that it was almost too dazzling to look at.

An Xiaxia also logged into an account, but it belonged to her brother An Yibei, and it was call “All the Way North.”

The moment she logged on, the entire server received a system message —

[System]: Player “All the Way North” of the Hall of Fame is online.

Pfft —

Qi Yanxi’s mouth dropped open at that message.

WTF? A Hall of Fame account? Who the hell was this girl?

In “Wind and Cloud,” white whale players didn’t have much of an advantage. Those that could enter the Hall of Fame had to be outstanding in both their equipment and their control over their avatars. In the entire server, only a dozen people had made it into the hall!

“To the arena!” An Xiaxia set up a room and Qi Yanxi hesitated for a moment before clicking into it.

An Xiaxia chose the plainest map, which was a training room. She then controlled her avatar and charged at Qi Yanxi’s “Insincere Words.”

Qi Yanxi was still in shock and was slow to react. An Xiaxia’s excellent maneuvering also rendered him defenseless!

Four minutes and twenty-six seconds later, Insincere Words’s HP dropped to zero and the avatar collapsed on the ground!

A hush fell over the room.