Chapter 99: From Now On, You’re My Defeated Opponent

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Qi Yanxi remained in shock for a long time and couldn’t recover from that state.

An Xiaxia pushed away her mouse and keyboard and gloated, “Hmph, I won! Qi Yanxi, from now on, you’re my defeated opponent and you can’t bully me anymore!”

Those around them seemed to wake from a dream and fought hard to keep back their snickers.

Haha! They had never expected to see Qi Yanxi defeated! That was awesome! So awesome!

Qi Yanxi’s face was darker than a rainstorm and An Xiaxia’s words only made it worse. He went right up to her and caught her by her collar. “Your defeated opponent? Do you think I’ll just let you go?”

The air tensed up again.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. There was nothing she could do if Qi Yanxi decided to be shameless about it. She could only open her eyes wider, trying to take him out with her mental powers.

A faint smell of smoke filled the air of the internet cafe. It was a smell An Xiaxia was very sensitive to and she sneezed all of a sudden.

” Achoo —”

“F**k! That’s gross! Get away from me!” Qi Yanxi pushed her away in vexation and An Xiaxia stumbled back, almost falling to the ground.

A pair of strong arms caught her from behind in time and wrapped around her like a guardian angel.

“You’ll hit a woman because she beat you in a game? Qi Yanxi, just when I thought you couldn’t get any lower,” remarked Sheng Yize in a lazy voice, which provoked Qi Yanxi’s rage right away.

He was going to smash a chair onto Sheng Yize’s head when An Xiaxia stuck her little head out from behind and spat at him, “Bah! You weakling!”

Qi Yanxi could hear the blood pumping in his head!

What the heck! Were they in this together?!

He was supposed to be the real devil and the bully of Qixia, all right?!

An Xiaxia’s taunt attracted so much aggro that Qi Yanxi flung the chair across the room, smashing a few screens. He pointed at An Xiaxia. “I’ll remember this! One day, you’ll kneel at my feet and ask for my forgiveness!”

The administrator heard the noise and rushed toward them, shouting, “Hey, you’ll have to pay for all the damage!”

Qi Yanxi threw him over his shoulder and the administrator didn’t utter a word after that.

An Xiaxia seemed frightened by this and immediately hid behind Sheng Yize.

Good god! This devil was more terrifying than she imagined! She wouldn’t have poked him if she had known!

“Ahem… Qi Yanxi, I was only kidding. Calm down. We’re all classmates and there’s no need to be so violent…” An Xiaxia forced a smile.

Sheng Yize chimed in with an unhurried tone to create further damage. “An Xiaxia, I thought what you said was right to the point. Isn’t he just that — a weakling? He bullies women and innocent people to cover for how weak he is, doesn’t he?”

Qi Yanxi’s eyes were bloodshot red and blue veins bulged along his arms. He was fuming.

Just as he was going to retaliate physically to Sheng Yize’s words, his phone rang.

The ringtone was from a cartoon, which was so not his style.

However, Qi Yanxi froze right on the spot and looked astonished as his movements turned rigid.

“Sheng Yize! You sleazy bastard! You’re the worst!” After realizing what had happened, Qi Yanxi began to curse Sheng Yize hysterically.

Sheng Yize shrugged indifferently. “You should pick it up. If I remember correctly, that’s the designated tone for Uncle Qi, isn’t it?”

He turned to An Xiaxia. “Let’s go. Stay away from people like him from now on. Dogs bite and crazy people go mental. You never know which kind he is.”

An Xiaxia walked out with him as a question popped into her head: what happened between Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi to make them like this?