The Strongest Gene

Alternative Names:Gien Tối Cường, Tsg, 最强基因

Genre:Sci-fi, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Xuanhuan, Comedy

Authors:-90°, 零下九十度



Chen Feng, of modern earth, had suffered bad luck since birth. After finding the legendary “lucky artifact,” his bad luck peaked and he became the only person killed in an earthquake. By a twist of fate, he found himself transmigrated into a different and magical world! A world much larger than earth. A world only partially explored due to the dangers within. A world where human civilization centered around genes. In this world, human beings possessed all sorts of abilities due to genetic fusion. Some went on to create world-changing technologies with their mysterious genetic abilities, while others went on to become undefeated genetic warriors with their combat genetic abilities. How will Chen Feng fare in this new world?

Chapter 1: The Magical World Chapter 2: This Location Was Somewhat Scary Chapter 3: Erupt! Chapter 4: To Hell with It! Chapter 5: The Magical Gene Production Techniques Chapter 6: Youngster Wang Yue! Chapter 7: Killing Intent Chapter 8: Gene Rookie Competition Chapter 9: Deliveryman Chapter 10: King Kong’s Anger Chapter 11: Outstanding Gene Chapter 12: Unexpected Mutation! Chapter 13: Chen Feng’s Anger Chapter 14: This Is Not Scientific Chapter 15: Professor Tao’s Second Spring Chapter 16: Soft Knife Chapter 17: Assassination Chapter 18: Extremely Expensive Gene! Chapter 19: Can’t Escape from Own Crime! Chapter 20: Luck Value Test Chapter 21: Gene Warehouse Chapter 22: Why Be So Petty and Low after Rebirth Chapter 23: Restriction Chapter 24: Thundersnake Gene Chapter 25: The So-Called Metaphysics Chapter 26: Secret Art Fusion! Chapter 27: Graduation Cultivation Trip Chapter 28: Rampage Chapter 29: The Tyrannical School! Chapter 30: This Gamble Is Profitable! Chapter 31: Alarming Change: Purgatory! Chapter 32: The Only Lifeline Chapter 33: Frying up a Group of Salted Fishes Chapter 34: Blood Devouring Metamorphosis Chapter 35: Mastermind Chapter 36: Dancing on the Tip of a Sword Chapter 37: Three Years Start Chapter 38: Five-Star Formula! Chapter 39: A Day Full of Surprises Chapter 40: The Strongest Gene! Chapter 41: Chen Feng’s Path Chapter 42: Gene Strengthening! Chapter 43: Hunting Wind Foxes Chapter 44: Your Bloodline Might Be Fake Chapter 45: Confrontation at the Danger Zone Chapter 46: Who Is the Actual Freak? Chapter 47: All-Around Improvement! Chapter 48: Becoming a Monk Chapter 49: Depths of the Frigid Pond Chapter 50: Life and Death Domain
Chapter 51: Breaking through the limit! Chapter 52: You All Must Have Gone Insane Chapter 53: Gene Virus Chapter 54: Virus Killer! Chapter 55: Who Are You? Chapter 56: Strongest F-Class Gene? Chapter 57: Sales Event Chapter 58: Taking Loans Due to Poverty Chapter 59: The Bloody Case Caused by a Mutated Gene Chapter 60: Gaining Publicity from Hype Chapter 61: Ambitious Chapter 62: The True Thundersnake Gene! Chapter 63: Banned! Chapter 64: Throwing Stones on Someone Who Fell into a Well Chapter 65: The Calm Before the Storm Chapter 66: Gene Evaluation Chapter 67: Regretting Past Actions Chapter 68: Counterattack! Chapter 69: Covering the Skies with One Hand! Chapter 70: Chen Feng’s Killing Intent Chapter 71: Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down Chapter 72: The Final Craziness! Chapter 73: First Place! Chapter 74: Illusionary Snake’s Scale Chapter 75: Aurora Chapter 76: You're on Your Own Now Chapter 77: Illusionary Snake Chapter 78: Peculiar Combat Method Chapter 79: King Yan Chapter 80: Danger at Every Step Chapter 81: Shen Yi’s Death Chapter 82: The Real Mysterious Person Chapter 83: Are You Scared of Marquee? Chapter 84: First Fusion Reagent Chapter 85: Shen Wei Chapter 86: The First Performance of Myriad Illusions Chapter 87: Blood Shadow Chapter 88: I Won’t Fight Him Chapter 89: Comfortable Chapter 90: 3-Star Secret Art Chapter 91: Lava Giant Chapter 92: Let’s Create Midgets Together Chapter 93: Really Dare to Act? Chapter 94: Favor of Words Chapter 95: Failure Chapter 96: A Mystical Ability Chapter 97: Blood Lesson Chapter 98: Ambush Chapter 99: Green Skeleton Chapter 100: Murderous Intent Soaring the Skies
Chapter 101: The Furious Chen Feng Chapter 102: Greendragon Gene! Chapter 103: Unexpected Gains? Chapter 104: War Preparations! Chapter 105: Never-Before-Seen Registration Details Chapter 106: Must Obtain One of Them Chapter 107: Succeeding Forcefully Chapter 108: Where Is the Problem? Chapter 109: Ending the Problem in Its Infancy Chapter 110: Digital Battle Chapter 111: This Is My World! Chapter 112: Total Annihilation Chapter 113: If I Don't Kill You, I Will Cease to Be a Human! Chapter 114: He Had Become a Bald Person; However, He Had to Become Stronger as Well! Chapter 115: A Big Gift for You Chapter 116: Wang Family’s Disaster Chapter 117: The Gene Reagent with the Strongest Defense! Chapter 118: Waiting for Failure Chapter 119: Too Barbarous! Chapter 120: Come, Come, Come, a Wave of Reports Chapter 121: So What If They're Defective Materials? Chapter 122: The Assembly of Geniuses! Chapter 123: Final Evaluation! Chapter 124: Who Is First Place? Chapter 125: The Rise of the Model Student! Chapter 126: Third Round! Chapter 127: A Ridiculous Choice Chapter 128: Icefox Formula Chapter 129: The Rise of Huang He Chapter 130: An Astonishing Accomplishment! Chapter 131: Spectacular Finish Chapter 132: Mu Yuan’s Love Story Chapter 133: One’s Personal Glory! Chapter 134: Rules of the Fourth Round! Chapter 135: Bluebat Gene! Chapter 136: The Bizarre Insta-Kill Chapter 137: Insta-Killing Everyone! Chapter 138: Final Confrontation! Chapter 139: Sun Han’s Defense Chapter 140: Too Shameless Chapter 141: The Analyzed Chen Feng Chapter 142: A Confrontation of Accumulation? Who’s Afraid! Chapter 143: The Demon That Died in Infancy! Chapter 144: Chen Feng on Offense! Chapter 145: Triple Combo Chapter 146: The Meaning of the Competition Chapter 147: Hide and Seek Chapter 148: Competing in Accumulation? Come at Me! Chapter 149: Zhao Tian’s Firm Decision to Kill Chapter 150: Who’s Killing Whom?
Chapter 151: The Opened Pandora's Box Chapter 152: Tricked Chen Feng Chapter 153: You Know Nothing about Strength Chapter 154: Gene Armament! Chapter 155: The Hidden Sinister of Yun Xiaoduo Chapter 156: Troublemaker Chapter 157: Before the Storm Chapter 158: One Killing Move per Step Chapter 159: Chen Feng’s Counter Chapter 160: Demonic Fern Gene Reagent Chapter 161: Taking a Leisurely Stroll Chapter 162: Chen Feng’s Attack Chapter 163: Qin Hai’s Secret Chapter 164: What’s Chen Feng Planning to Do? Chapter 165: Shall Never Be Enslaved! Chapter 166: The Weight behind That Slash Chapter 167: Glory of the Champion! Chapter 168: New Authority Chapter 169: Purifier! Chapter 170: Sudden Change! Chapter 171: Top 10 Reassembled Chapter 172: One Accident after Another Chapter 173: The Culprit Chapter 174: No Mercy Chapter 175: Natural Leader Chapter 176: The Unveiled Mystery Chapter 177: Star City! Chapter 178: This Is Not a Counterfeit Product, Right? Chapter 179: Limit Increase! Chapter 180: Limit Breakthrough? Chapter 181: Peril Rebirth! Chapter 182: The Crazy Goal Chapter 183: A Step Away! Chapter 184: Master Producer! Chapter 185: It’s You? The Scammer? Chapter 186: Terrifying Genetic Ability! Chapter 187: Overexcited Mode! Chapter 188: Weather Attack Chapter 189: So Unbridled! Chapter 190: Target Chapter 191: Unrivaled Mechanical War God! Chapter 192: Dying in Such a Manner Is Truly… Chapter 193: This Is Different from the Analysis! Chapter 194: Final Form! Chapter 195: Sorry Chapter 196: The World’s Fastest Man! Chapter 197: Who on Earth Are You?! Chapter 198: Beneath the Ice Chapter 199: Perilous Land Chapter 200: A Single Reason Is Sufficient
Chapter 201: Chen Feng’s Plan Chapter 202: Lifeline! Chapter 203: New Discovery Chapter 204: The Crazy Organization Chapter 205: Absolute Guard! Chapter 206: The Third Genetic Ability! Chapter 207: Affecting Reality! Chapter 208: The Furious Food Chapter 209: You Forced Me Chapter 210: You Guys Are Looking for Trouble Chapter 211: Target Confirmed! Chapter 212: Sneaking In Chapter 213: Limit Breakthrough! Chapter 214: Erupt: Energy Equipment! Chapter 215: How Many Sets of Them Do You Have? Chapter 216: The Crazy Reinforcements! Chapter 217: Void Hacker Chapter 218: Luck Aura Upgrade Chapter 219: Forbidden Area! Chapter 220: Frozen Sea Tundra Chapter 221: Fangirl Chapter 222: If We Are Going to Play, Let’s Make It Big Chapter 223: The Cocky Chen Feng Chapter 224: The Furious Pursuit! Chapter 225: Karma Chapter 226: Life Forms of the Snow Tundra Chapter 227: The Legendary Fangirl Chapter 228: Betrayal! Chapter 229: A Terrifying Ability Chapter 230: Bro, You Are Too Excessive! Chapter 231: The Power of Dragon’s Skull Chapter 232: The Unrivaled Qin Hai Chapter 233: Heaven-Defying Combat Power! Chapter 234: Giant Dragon Something… Chapter 235: New Ability Chapter 236: This Is Too IMBA Chapter 237: Brother, Does This Scene Look Familiar? Chapter 238: You Guys Are Not Idiots, Right? Chapter 239: Improve! Chapter 240: Alarming change Chapter 241: Genetic Union’s Plan Chapter 242: Old Acquaintance Chapter 243: Escaping Methods Chapter 244: Mysterious Village Chapter 245: Soul Chapter 246: Kill! Chapter 247: Great Transformation Chapter 248: The Crazy Demonic Figurine Collector Chapter 249: Special Reward! Chapter 250: Life...
Chapter 251: Certification Chapter 252: Conquer Chapter 253: Shall We Forget It? Chapter 254: End of Certification! Chapter 255: Charge! Chapter 256: Producer Excellence Award! Chapter 257: Excellence Rankings Chapter 258: Research Paper’s Sale Begins! Chapter 259: The Historic Pit! Chapter 260: The Horror of the RNG Mechanism Chapter 261: The Streamer with Superb Luck Chapter 262: Fighting for First Place Chapter 263: Mission Personnel Squad Chapter 264: Alarming Discovery Chapter 265: Blocking the Reinforcements? Chapter 266: Struggle Against the Heavens! Chapter 267: Alarming Change: Wu Hui’s Ability! Chapter 268: The Strongest and Weakest Ability Chapter 269: Wu Hui’s Battle: Cosmic Manifestation! Chapter 270: No Mercy Chapter 271: Mysterious Radiance Chapter 272: Different Style and Can’t Get Along Chapter 273: Do You Want to Leave? Chapter 274: What Does Color Signify? Chapter 275: Brother, We Are on the Same Side! Chapter 276: The Lost upon Return! Chapter 277: Golden Silhouette! Chapter 278: What Should I Be Afraid Of? Chapter 279: The Biggest Harvest Chapter 280: New Formula! Chapter 281: To Reduce or Not to Reduce Chapter 282: Newly Appointed Excellent Producer! Chapter 283: Celestial Defense System Chapter 284: Everything Is Changing Chapter 285: The Fourth Gene Chapter 286: Nethergaze Chapter 287: Have You Seen Those… Chapter 288: Demonic Girl Chapter 289: The Forbidden Skill of Immortality Chapter 290: Safe Haven Chapter 291: A Small Damage Chapter 292: Mysterious Location Chapter 293: Master Seer Chapter 294: Blabbering Villains Chapter 295: Forbidden Art? Chapter 296: Nether Capital’s Battle! Chapter 297: Celestial Shift! Chapter 298: An Earth-Shattering Battle That Can't Be Described with Words Chapter 299: Finally, the Plot Caught Up! Chapter 300: Mutation!
Chapter 301: Compromise and Use It??? Chapter 302: End Chapter 303: Bro, You Talk Too Much Chapter 304: Nethergaze Chapter 305: Descend Chapter 306: Destroy! Chapter 307: Over Chapter 308: Mysterious Killing Command Chapter 309: The Villains Are Indeed More United Chapter 310: Preparation Chapter 311: Astonishing Methods Chapter 312: The Terror of a Pay to Win Player Chapter 313: This Is Too Excessive! Chapter 314: Dark Seed Chapter 315: So You Are Here Chapter 316: Data Storage Methods Chapter 317: Not Meeting Him Anymore in This Life Chapter 318: Mobile Humanoid ATM Chapter 319: Run, Fast! Chapter 320: Line Horizon Chapter 321: You Old B*stard Chapter 322: Loyal Chapter 323: Wang Yao’s News Chapter 324: Too Much of a Bully! Chapter 325: Don't You Know? Chapter 326: Hit with the First Shot Chapter 327: Baptism Chapter 328: Such a Good Character Setting Chapter 329: This Is Indeed the Genetic Era Chapter 330: No Point in Grouping Together Chapter 331: Overemphasize Chapter 332: Killing Methods Chapter 333: Free Points Chapter 334: Do You Know Who I Am? Chapter 335: Here I Come Chapter 336: At Cloudswarm Mountain Chapter 337: Start of Experiment Chapter 338: Fleshy Chapter 339: Hack Activation Chapter 340: So It’s You Chapter 341: Are You Not Chapter 342: Ten Minutes! Chapter 343: Redmoon Chapter 344: Can Only Fight with Everything! Chapter 345: Isn’t This Too Excessive? Chapter 346: Battle! Chapter 347: Final Moments Chapter 348: The Crux of Breaking Out of This Predicament Chapter 349: Space Turbulence Chapter 350: Collapse
Chapter 351: Heh, You Guys Are Surrounded Chapter 352: No Escape! Chapter 353: Death Without the Corpse Intact! Chapter 354: A Man’s Dignity Chapter 355: Trending Again Chapter 356: Super-Advanced Technology Chapter 357: Is the Senior Surnamed Ma? Chapter 358: Target Confirmed! Chapter 359: Arcane Studies Chapter 360: New Ability! Chapter 361: Truth Divination Chapter 362: Unable to Satisfy Chapter 363: Opening the Desolate Land Chapter 364: Opening Up a New Training Camp Chapter 365: Cooperation Chapter 366: Exploration amid the Bushes Chapter 367: Third Party Chapter 368: Harmony Chapter 369: Breakthrough! Surpassing A Class! Chapter 370: Me, Nuwa, Give Me Money Chapter 371: Awakening! Chapter 372: Nightspring Festival Chapter 373: Forcing the Enemy to Retreat Chapter 374: World of Midgets Chapter 375: The Profitable Third Party Chapter 376: If You Are Not Satisfied, Fight! Chapter 377: It’s Not Easy to Be an Oriole Chapter 378: The Weapon of the Third Party Chapter 379: Land of Legacy Chapter 380: Mobile Mini-Ball Chapter 381: Mysterious Demonic Mirror Chapter 382: Is There a Need? Chapter 383: Racing Chapter 384: Provoke! Chapter 385: The Past Glory Chapter 386: A Chance Encounter Chapter 387: Legacy! Chapter 388: Awakening Chapter 389: The Riddle of Transmigration Chapter 390: Transmigrate! Transmigrate! Chapter 391: You All Deserve Death! Chapter 392: Ancient Race! Chapter 393: What the Heck Chapter 394: Get Your *ss Out Here! Chapter 395: Eruption of War! Chapter 396: War with Ancient Race! Chapter 397: Space-Time Aisle Chapter 398: A Cheating Transmigration Ability Chapter 399: Guarding a Tree Stump Waiting for Rabbits Chapter 400: Disdainful Expression
Chapter 401: Sorry, I Don’t Want to Be a Side Character Chapter 402: I Am a Selfish Person Chapter 403: He’s Dead Chapter 404: Don’t Be Sad Chapter 405: The Incredibly Incredible Xiong Er Chapter 406: Have You Played Sim Games? Chapter 407: Target: Spirit Sea Wood! Chapter 408: Aware since Long Ago Chapter 409: Plan? Chapter 410: Dear Senior Apprentice Brother Chapter 411: Death’s Eye Chapter 412: Fatal Flaw Chapter 413: I Shouldn’t Have Taught You… Chapter 414: True Steel Armor! Chapter 415: Attacking the Weakness! Chapter 416: No Weaknesses! Chapter 417: So Close, Yet Worlds Apart! Chapter 418: Something Seems Off Chapter 419: Spy or Something Chapter 420: Omnipotence for Real? Chapter 421: Black Domain, Scared Now? Chapter 422: This Is too Excessive! Chapter 423: Confrontation! Chapter 424: Outside of Expectations Chapter 425: You Guys Sure Have a Way to Have Fun Chapter 426: Descend Chapter 427: Catastrophe Chapter 428: This Fellow Is a Fraud Chapter 429: Wear Your Clothes Properly; We Can Talk It Out! Chapter 430: Game Cash Shop, Are You Afraid? Chapter 431: God Punisher! Chapter 432: I Heard That this Ability Matches Extremely Well with Luck Aura, Yo Chapter 433: Wild Saint Chapter 434: I Want You Chapter 435: Open Conspiracy, Can It Be Eaten? Chapter 436: Family Secret and Such Chapter 437: Preparation Time Will Be Somewhat Longer Chapter 438: Othershore Mountain Chapter 439: Feedback Mechanism Chapter 440: Entering the Mountain Chapter 441: What Is This Guy Planning to Do Chapter 442: Fatal Elements Chapter 443: Old Mei’s Plan B Chapter 444: It Turns Out This Guy Is Also a Boss-Tier Existence Chapter 445: The Vending Stall at the Foot of the Mountain Chapter 446: The Power of the Hillsea Gene Reagent Chapter 447: I Want It Chapter 448: Who Else Wants to Give It a Try? Chapter 449: The Pitiful Old Mei Chapter 450: Kind Old Man
Chapter 451: Mutated God Punisher? Lies! Chapter 452: Boom! Boom! Boom! Chapter 453: Genetic Ability, Mutate! Chapter 454: Undefeated Old Mei! Chapter 455: Kill Everyone! Chapter 456: He’s a Lucky Star Chapter 457: You Might Want to Get Checked at a Hospital Chapter 458: Arise! Chapter 459: This Unreliable Cast Time Chapter 460: Have You Guys Forgotten Something? Chapter 461: Setting a God Punisher Trend Chapter 462: The Furious Old Mei Chapter 463: Old Mei’s Revenge Plan Chapter 464: Beating of His Life Chapter 465: Scammers. All Scammers! Chapter 466: Heh, My Old Friend Chapter 467: So We Have to Keep It Running? Chapter 468: The Strongest Braking Method in History Chapter 469: Full Invasion! Chapter 470: Welcome to the Genetic Era Chapter 471: The End Is Also the Beginning Chapter 472: Sealing Devil Race… Who Are You Trying to Cheat? Chapter 473: We… Are Back! Chapter 474: Let Me Deal with This Chapter 475: New Method Chapter 476: The Celebration of a Certain Someone Chapter 477: Finally, He Saw Other Colors Chapter 478: Awaken Chapter 479: The Terrifying Devil Race Chapter 480: Weaker Than Imagined Chapter 481: By Myself, I Am Equivalent to an Entire Army Chapter 482: Unrivaled! Chapter 483: Darknight Devil Tiger Chapter 484: Dear Slimy Senior Apprentice Sister, Where Are You? Chapter 485: Descent Chapter 486: Do You Think That This Long Cast Time Is for Fun? Chapter 487: I Have Been Waiting a Long Time for You Chapter 488: Calm Down! Lord, You Must Calm Down! Chapter 489: Chen Feng’s Cheat Chapter 490: Awaken, Great Devil Prince! Chapter 491: The Apocalypse of the Devil Race Chapter 492: This Works? Chapter 493: Beyond X! Chapter 494: I Can Recruit Anyone I Want? Chapter 495: Are You Interested in Doing Some Tests? Chapter 496: What Is Beyond? Chapter 497: Trade? Chapter 498: This Is Simple Chapter 499: You Call This Not Causing Trouble? Chapter 500: Lady Summoner!
Chapter 501: Experimenting Furiously Chapter 502: Scram! Chapter 503: Limit Chapter 504: What Is This? Chapter 505: The Timing Is Too Coincidental Chapter 506: Vitality Exhaustion? Chapter 507: What’s the Issue? Chapter 508: The Theft of Results Chapter 509: You Dare Do This in Public? Chapter 510: Universality? What’s That? Chapter 511: Zhang Dapao’s Plan Chapter 512: Naming and Such Chapter 513: You Must Be Kidding Me Chapter 514: The Generous Chen Feng Chapter 515: What in the World? This Plan Works? Chapter 516: The Despairing Department Head Chapter 517: This Scheme Is Too Excessive… Chapter 518: Outsourcing and Such Chapter 519: Mass Distribution Chapter 520: What’s the Point? Chapter 521: Worry Chapter 522: Ancient Race Project Chapter 523: Hold On, Hey, This Is a Different Plan Chapter 524: Holy Shit, So Scary Chapter 525: Have You Heard of Those… Chapter 526: I Want to Make Babies with You! Chapter 527: My King! Chapter 528: This Is Karma Chapter 529: Alarming Change Chapter 530: The Returning Expert Chapter 531: Nope, Not Increasing in Power at All Chapter 532: Bastard Chapter 533: Only You Chapter 534: Target: Devil Race Chapter 535: Peed on It? Chapter 536: Such a Method Exists? Chapter 537: This Must Be Some Cheat Technology Chapter 538: What Is This Guy Doing? Chapter 539: Happenstance Chapter 540: We Named It... "Shroud Art" Chapter 541: Drop Drop Beatdown Chapter 542: World of Green Chapter 543: Chen Feng, What Are You Doing? Chapter 544: You Ruined Me Chapter 545: The True Shroud Art Chapter 546: Let’s See How Amazing You Are Chapter 547: From Now On, I Am the King! Chapter 548: A Day Filled with Scent Chapter 549: Where’s the Time? Chapter 550: Time Shroud
Chapter 551: Spirit Arts Chapter 552: Good News for Middle-Aged Males Chapter 553: I Have Been Thinking Too Much? Chapter 554: Energy Shroud Chapter 555: Free Things Are in Fact the Most Expensive of All Chapter 556: Heaven-Defying Transactions Chapter 557: Black Card Chapter 558: Time to Negotiate Chapter 559: Bro, It’s Still Free This Time Chapter 560: This Is Too Excessive Chapter 561: Any Other Options? Chapter 562: Master Spirit Developer Chapter 563: Energy Spatial Helix Chapter 564: The World Shall Transform Chapter 565: You Must Be Kidding Me, Right? Chapter 566: The Deadline of One Month Chapter 567: Ownerless Land Chapter 568: Your Talent Level Seems Rather Unreliable Chapter 569: No Way Out Chapter 570: The Real Mastermind Chapter 571: This Guy Is a Walking Disaster Chapter 572: Bring It On! Chapter 573: You Think It’s Real? Chapter 574: New World Chapter 575: Beyond the Starry Sky Chapter 576: Mysterious World Chapter 577: Have You Gone Insane? Chapter 578: Crazy Improvements Chapter 579: Chen Feng’s Real Goal Chapter 580: Appear! Chapter 581: The Only Chance Chapter 582: Must Return Alive! Chapter 583: Charge, Charge, Charge! Chapter 584: Strengthening! Chapter 585: Transform Chapter 586: Awakened Chapter 587: Transmigrate! Chapter 588: Above the Starry Sky Chapter 589: For the Bigger Picture Chapter 590: Such a Method of Operation Exists? Chapter 591: Eruption of War! Chapter 592: Hold On… Something Seems Off Chapter 593: The Grand War Strategy of the Ancients Chapter 594: Rejection by Word Chapter 595: Name and Glory Chapter 596: The One Lifeline Chapter 597: New Discovery Chapter 598: We Are the Foreign Affairs Department! Chapter 599: Update Online Chapter 600: A Magnificent Existence
Chapter 601: Inside Information on the President Chapter 602: The Terror of S Class Chapter 603: What Nice Timing Chapter 604: No Choice but to Battle Chapter 605: You Are Being Excessive Chapter 606: Seal Chapter 607: Sorry, the Valve Is Out of Control Chapter 608: Absolute Strength! Chapter 609: Kill Him! Chapter 610: Awakening the Storm Chapter 611: Weakening the Seal Chapter 612: The Devil Expert's Trump Card Chapter 613: Not All Hammers Are Called… Chapter 614: Impossible World Chapter 615: That Era Chapter 616: Duma! Chapter 617: Kill! Chapter 618: What Does Lord Father-In-Law Fancy? Chapter 619: Mysterious Small Town Chapter 620: Void Destroyer Chapter 621: Wish-Granting Old Man and Demon King Chapter 622: Pr-President? Chapter 623: Miracle Nikki Chapter 624: The Awkward Major Ability Chapter 625: Mysterious Existence Chapter 626: Magnetic Melody Chapter 627: Before the Remnant Chapter 628: Meet Duma Chapter 629: Duma Is Not a Name Chapter 630: What Exactly Is Duma Trying to Do? Chapter 631: Where’s the Promised Scarab Race? Chapter 632: The Lag That Hadn’t Been Experienced for a While Chapter 633: How the Hell Are We Supposed to Fight with This Lag? Chapter 634: Signs of Returning to Mother’s Womb Chapter 635: Thank You, Bro! Chapter 636: Ultimate Trump Card of the Scarab Race Chapter 637: Origin Power Chapter 638: The True Culprit Chapter 639: Destroying the World Chapter 640: Primordial Power Chapter 641: Resonance Chapter 642: Green, the World's Rescuer Chapter 643: Epicenter Chapter 644: Great Changes at the Core Chapter 645: This World Is Too Dangerous Chapter 646: Attack into the Core Chapter 647: Too Scary Chapter 648: The Care from a High-Tier Martial World Chapter 649: Research Result Chapter 650: Primordial Items
Chapter 651: Chaos Is Coming Chapter 652: Soul Entering the Primordial Era Chapter 653: Primordial Era? No Big Deal Chapter 654: What Does It Mean to Be Humanoid? Chapter 655: Tampering with History Chapter 656: Whose World? Chapter 657: How Did They Die? Chapter 658: Actually, I Am… Chapter 659: Undefeated Chapter 660: Why Are You All Behaving Weirdly Today? Chapter 661: This Is Not from the Same Batch, Right? Chapter 662: Holy Shit, Why Are You Here? Chapter 663: Symphony of Resonance Chapter 664: Screw This XX Chapter 665: The Hostility Exhibited by the Very World Chapter 666: Dream Recall Bell Chapter 667: ??? Chapter 668: I Shall Bend You Back! Chapter 669: Dynasty Chapter 670: Astonishing Conduct Chapter 671: Why Are You Mute in This Crucial Moment? Chapter 672: Dream Recall Chapter 673: World in Chaos Chapter 674: Amazingly Amazing! Chapter 675: Godly Portable Charger Pen Chapter 676: Awakened System Chapter 677: The Only Hope Chapter 678: Transmigrating Furiously Chapter 679: Finally Reaching the Treasured Land Chapter 680: We Will Meet Chapter 681: Chen Feng, Screw You! Chapter 682: Of Sins and Grudges Chapter 683: Template Chapter 684: New Future Chapter 685: It Is Too Excessive to Use the Trump Card Right off the Bat Chapter 686: Chen Feng’s New Strength Chapter 687: I Felt My Heart Beating Chapter 688: Mysterious Swamp Chapter 689: I Am a Resonator! Chapter 690: Say That Again If You Dare? Chapter 691: Center of the Lake Chapter 692: Fusion… Huh? Chapter 693: Who Are You? Chapter 694: Supreme Power Chapter 695: Graceful Evasion Chapter 696: Luck Is on Our Side Chapter 697: Godly Power of Luck Is Indeed Amazing! Chapter 698: Murderous Intent Revealed Chapter 699: Bro, Do You Know What Thirty Thousand Luck Value Can Do? Chapter 700: The Landing of Blame upon the Shoulders
Chapter 701: Luck Value Increasing Crazily Chapter 702: The Power of a God Chapter 703: Damnable Chen Feng Chapter 704: Sorry, My Dearest Master Chapter 705: This Enemy Is Quite Strong Chapter 706: The Only Way Chapter 707: The Missing Apocalypse Chapter 708: Worth It? Chapter 709: Crazy Thomas Chapter 710: This Is Too Much Bullying Chapter 711: What a Scam Chapter 712: Sorry Chapter 713: Tsundere Goddess Chapter 714: A New God Chapter 715: Salt Lake Chapter 716: May the Goddess Be with You Chapter 717: Bro, Give Me a Chance Chapter 718: Family Godly Power Chapter 719: Really Clueless Chapter 720: Deduce Chapter 721: Dark History of the Primordial Era Chapter 722: See How I Deflect a Heavier Force with a Lighter Force Chapter 723: Seems Like It Worked? Chapter 724: Scammer! Chapter 725: Already Unrivaled Chapter 726: New Trick Chapter 727: I Heard That You Gods Can Also… Do That… Chapter 728: Betrayal Chapter 729: Chen Feng, Is Your Brain Damaged? Chapter 730: Welcome Back Chapter 731: The Somewhat Awkward God-Slaying Process Chapter 732: East-Coast Incident Chapter 733: Salvation and Damnation Chapter 734: Surprises Are Always So Pleasant Chapter 735: The Change Is Better Than the Initial Plan Chapter 736: Hard Selling Chapter 737: Holy Spirit’s Identity Chapter 738: What Is This Guy Thinking This Time? Chapter 739: Millions upon Millions of Lives, Nothing but Bugs Chapter 740: The Terrifying Secret Chapter 741: This Is Not True! Chapter 742: Kill! Chapter 743: Trick and Kill Chapter 744: God-Slaughtering Trap Chapter 745: Who Are You? Chapter 746: Phenomenon in the Sky Chapter 747: A Real God Chapter 748: Devouring Heaven and Earth Chapter 749: New Era Chapter 750: Godhood
Chapter 751: Fake Nascent Soul Chapter 752: Revisiting the Old Profession Chapter 753: The Battle for Resources Chapter 754: Seize Chapter 755: Level 100 Awakened Chapter 756: Hehehe Chapter 757: Level 2 Resonance Chapter 758: Charge Chapter 759: What Kind of Strength Is This? Chapter 760: Mountcarver Chapter 761: Cleanup Chapter 762: Questioning the God Chapter 763: Believer Chapter 764: Becoming a Scapegoat Out of the Blue Chapter 765: Training Agency Chapter 766: So There Actually Is One Chapter 767: Another Accident Chapter 768: What an Unreliable Person Chapter 769: It’s Like You Are Joking Chapter 770: Start Snatching Recruits Chapter 771: Legend Chapter 772: The Search Chapter 773 - Plan Seen Through Chapter 774 - Nothing Special Chapter 775 - Supreme Glory Chapter 776 - Cannon Fodder Chapter 777 - The Scary Divine Seat Chapter 778 - The Truth: Challenging Crazily Chapter 779 - Challenge Start Chapter 780 - The Most Speechless Incident Ever Chapter 781 - You Already Tried Your Best Chapter 782 - Mind Numbingly Speechless Chapter 783 - The God’s Descendant Makes His Move Chapter 784 - Horrifying Sight Chapter 785 - Clearing with High Efficiency Chapter 786 - Mere Idiotic Chess Pieces, Right? Chapter 787 - Ye, Are You Sick? Chapter 788 - Godhood Ascension Chapter 789 - Wondrous World Chapter 790 - The Struggle over Believers Chapter 791 - Equal Distribution Chapter 792 - Piss Off! Chapter 793 - Thank You for the Praise, Lord Chapter 794 - These Underlings Can’t Make It Chapter 795 - Shocking and Oppressing Everyone Chapter 796 - I Am Not Willing to Accept This Chapter 797 - This Seems to be Progressing Wrongly Chapter 798 - Extraordinary Imagination Chapter 799 - The Final Trump Card Chapter 800 - Who Are You?
Chapter 801 - The Era of Chen Feng Chapter 802 - Awaiting Your Godhood Chapter 803 - The Missing Memory Chapter 804 - Investigating Chapter 805 - The Terrifying Truth Chapter 806 - The Return of a King Chapter 807 - What Exactly Are You Trying to Do? Chapter 808 - Your Worldview Is Too Narrow Chapter 809 - The Era of Luo Yuan Chapter 810 - It’s Like You Are Joking with Me Chapter 811 - Same Ability Chapter 812 - Luo Yuan's True Power Chapter 813 - Copy Chapter 814 - Goal: Return Chapter 815 - Are You Sure? Chapter 816 - Pummeling Madly Chapter 817 - The Liberated World Chapter 818 Chapter 819 - You Guys Are Too Excessive Chapter 820 - The Final Godly Power Chapter 821 - The Only Way Chapter 822 - Mental Collapse Chapter 823 - Mental Collapse (Part 2) Chapter 824 - Mental Collapse (Part 3) Chapter 825 - About the Corpse Chapter 826 - Origin of the Nascent Soul Chapter 827 - A Fresh Sequel Chapter 828 - Astonishing Strength Chapter 829 - Challenge Chapter 830 - Controlling the World Chapter 831 - Look At the Size Chapter 832 - Who Will Be the One? Chapter 833 - The Damnable Setting Chapter 834 - Dear, Select Your World Carefully Chapter 835 - Luo Yuan's Suspicions Chapter 836 - World Creation! Chapter 837 - Kill! Chapter 838 - Helpless Chapter 839 - Impossible to Unravel Chapter 840 - The Two Golden People Chapter 841 - Collapse of the World Chapter 842 - There Is One Person Capable of Killing You Chapter 843 - Luo Yuan’s Doubt Chapter 844 - The Terrifying Truth Chapter 845 - Betrayal and Abandonment Chapter 846 - Trampling on the New Kingdom Chapter 847 - Sink Chapter 848 - His Very Own Love Story Chapter 849 - That Damnable Friend! Chapter 850 - Long Time No See