Chapter 809: You Guys Are Ugly!

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“Hmph!” Xu Que scoffed and crossed his legs. Then he waved his hand.


The wooden bench, pulled by an unseen force, crashed toward the three young men by the door. Two of the three wore red and green respectively. The young man in green looked peculiar and had two protruding front teeth – more commonly known as buckteeth. The red-clad man had ordinary looks, but there was something eerie about him. The third guy wore a mask so one could not make out his looks.

The men clad in red and green smiled scornfully when they saw the bench being hurled toward them. They raised their hands casually and pushed their palms slightly forward. The radiance of true core strength abruptly flared.


With a loud noise, the whole wooden bench exploded into sawdust.

“I see that you’ve got quite the temper! How dare you attack us. Don’t you know who we are?” The red-clad man smirked coldly.

“Trash!” Xu Que answered without hesitation.

At the same time, he frowned. It was quite clear that the three men were strong; they must at least be at the Crossing Calamity Stage. However, compared to Jiang Hongyan, they still had a way to go!

“You are atrocious! Who do you think you are, to talk like that to the Divine Son Division!” The man in green demanded menacingly.

The red-clad man also quipped, “Li Bai, one should not be too arrogant! If not for the Commander, who told us to inform you of your entry into the Divine Son Division, your act of aggression just now would be enough to warrant your death!”

“My death?” Xu Que laughed mockingly. “I’m afraid that you’re the ones who’ll be meeting your maker!”

He called out the System as coldness flared in his eyes. He was prepared to kill them with the King of Tough-Acting Fist.

“All right, that’s enough!”

Suddenly, the masked man came forward and peered directly at Xu Que. He spoke emotionlessly, “You must be Li Bai from the Exploding Heavens Faction. Don’t worry. We are not here to kill you today. This is the Token of Passing of the Divine Son Division. Once you accept this token, you will be part of the Divine Son Division, ranked No. 31!”

As he spoke, an ink-black token floated out from his sleeve and flew at Xu Que.


Without even sparing a side glance, Xu Que smashed it into smithereens with a wave of his arm. He snorted, “Divine Son Division, my arse! Do you think I care? Playing by the rules of our Exploding Heavens Faction, once you anger me, you can’t dream of walking away alive!”


Xu Que conjured a significant amount of True Core Strength as his voice fell, and he balled his hands into fists. But shortly after, his brows furrowed into a frown. He didn’t have enough Taoist Connotation!

The System reminded him silently why, and he came to his senses. He had just undergone a fight, and his Taoist Connotation had not recovered. Therefore, right now, he could not use the Tough-Acting Fist.

“Brazen fella! How dare you destroy the token of the Divine Son Division!” The green-clad man jumped up in a fury, and he ignored the final part of Xu Que’s sentence entirely.

The disdain on the face of the red-clad man strengthened. He shook his head and said, “Don’t you know that every member of the Divine Son Division is not to be trifled with? We are the ones, chosen out of thousands! All of us have exceptional potential, and every single one of us is stronger than you!”

The red-clad man paused and raised his head as if looking down on Xu Que. He then continued haughtily, “Don’t think that just because you killed some Heaven Orcs on the battlefield, you’re unbeatable! Those Heaven Orcs in Form Synthesis Stage are just a bunch of ants in our eyes, we sons of the Divine Son Division! They are not worth our time!”

“Ha, ha, idiot! You said that you are in the Crossing Calamity Stage, so isn’t it a joke if you can’t even defeat someone in the Form Synthesis Stage? Save the boasting if you can’t kill so many Form Synthesis Stage orcs when you were in the Void Training Stage, like me!”

The red-clad man’s face darkened at those words, and his smile disappeared.

Xu Que was speaking the truth. Even for the Divine Son Division, they could not kill so many powerful orcs in the Form Synthesis Stage when they were at the Void Training Stage.

“Hmph! So what if you could kill this many Form Synthesis Stage powerhouses? You are but a lowly cultivator in the Void Training Stage. In front of us, you are still an ant! I don’t understand what this lady likes about you. To think that a powerful Crossing Calamity Stage cultivator would fall so low, that she would follow a lowlife in the Void Training Stage around!”

Jiang Hongyan had retained her modified appearance after using the change-self spell. Though not quite astoundingly beautiful, she could not hide her aura of being otherworldly elegant. The way she carried herself was poised and dignified, and people couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

Ever since the three men entered, their gazes kept looking toward Jiang Hongyan, seemingly thinking that an outstanding woman like her should not be following a puny Void Training cultivator around.

“You ask what she likes of me? Isn’t the answer obvious? Open your dog eyes wide and see for yourself! What is this that you see?” Xu Que patted his cheeks agitatedly as he said, emphasizing his face, “See that? It’s because of this handsome face!”


The trio from the Divine Son Division almost burst with anger when they heard his words, eyes bulging.

“What do you mean? Are you making fun of our common looks? How superficial!” said the red-clad man angrily.

Xu Que quickly cut him off. “Don’t spout nonsense! Look at yourself. You look like a joke! And you, the one wearing green, look at your teeth, you could even do circumcision using them! I’d save my breath on the masked one. With looks like that, don’t you three feel any shame bragging that your looks are just common?”


The red-clad man was rampant with fury, his face beet-red like he would rush up and fight Xu Que any moment.

“Enough!” The masked man bellowed and stopped the green-clad man, sweeping a cold gaze at Xu Que, saying, “Li Bai, know your boundaries! We do not deny that your potential is astounding! However, the others at the Divine Son Division are not pushovers either. We do not lose to you in terms of potential, and every one of us only made it after going through life-and-death situations and unimaginable hardships! Like me, when I was 15 years old, I was found out to have no Spiritual Root at all and was deemed impossible to cultivate. But in the end, I still achieved what I have today!”

His words tickled Xu Que, who raised both of his hands. Clap clap clap! Xu Que applauded and he beamed. “No Spiritual Root at 15 years old, but you still achieved what you have today, are you flaunting how inspirational you are? Can’t blame you all, since being inspirational is all you can be, unlike me, who is inspirationally good-looking!”

“How dare you! I’m telling you that this is a world where we talk with fists! You have no right to laugh at our looks!” The masked man spat, angered by Xu Que’s response.

“I have no right? Ha, ha, I think not! So what if I call you guys ugly? Ugly so-and-so, can you turn on the lights? Angry? Hit me if you dare!” Xu Que sang out, his face smug and shameless. The trio just wanted to smash him to death!

It seemed like their wariness toward the Commander outweighed their anger, as all three of them swallowed the insults and did not touch Xu Que.

“Hmph, let’s leave!” In the end, the masked man turned, shooting Xu Que a final glare.

The two men clad in red and green respectively also glared at him coldly and, without a word, left as they silently fumed.

“Little one, do you need me to teach them a lesson?” Jiang Hongyan smiled as she stepped forward, calm and elegant as always. She noticed that Xu Que had no intention of killing any more people today; otherwise, with his character, they would already be dead by now!

“There’s no need. I will take care of them myself!” Xu Que stopped her from making a move.

All in all, he paid no attention to those three. If not for the fact that he had overused the King of Tough-Acting Fist today, he would have killed them long ago. But since he couldn’t use it now, then there was no hurry — no need to dirty Jiang Hongyan’s hands.

Also, those people were worth a lot of experience points. He needed to enter the battlefield once again after tomorrow. That would propel him into the peak of the Void Training Stage.

At that point, he wouldn’t even need the Tough-Acting Fist to kill those so-called geniuses from the Divine Son Division. He would smash them with one hand, then prepare to break into the Form Synthesis Stage!