Swordmaster Healer

Alternative Names:

소드마스터 힐러

Release Date:

2018-12-22 05:13:53


Web Novel


Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Antihero Protagonist, Artifacts, Calm Protagonist, Character Growth, Cultivation, Determined Protagonist, Dragons, Dungeons, Evolution, Fantasy World, Fast Cultivation, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Grinding, Guilds, Hard-Working Protagonist, Healers, Legendary Artifacts, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Modern Day, Monsters, Multiple Realms, Orcs, Personality Changes, Poor to Rich, Previous Life Talent, Second Chance, Special Abilities, Spirits, Sword And Magic, Sword Wielder, Vampires, Wars, Weak to Strong


Invader, Jung Dohyun, 정도현, 침략자





The world centers around completing Dungeons. Sung Joon, nicknamed the Legend, for his pathetic healing abilities, is a C-Rank Healer with combat abilities worse than an E-Rank Hunter. One day, while traversing through a dungeon with his party, he finds a sword stuck in an altar. No one is able to pull out the sword but as soon as he approaches it, a cruel test begins. His only hope is the sword. However when he pulls out the sword, he learns of a life that isn’t his, swordsmanship that isn’t his, and his life changes forever. How will the weakest Healer become the strongest Swordmaster?