The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Alternative Names:

Dragon Ball Tối Cường Thần Thoại, TSLDB, 龙珠之最强神话

Release Date:

2018-11-16 16:59:26


Web Novel


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Sci-fi


Age Progression, Aliens, Army Building, Beautiful Female Lead, Cheats, Child Protagonist, Cultivation, Determined Protagonist, Dragons, Famous Protagonist, Fanfiction, Fast Learner, Genius Protagonist, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Humanoid Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Loli, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Outer Space, Polygamy, Royalty, Ruthless Protagonist, Sibling Rivalry, Siblings Not Related by Blood, Spatial Manipulation, Special Abilities, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Time Manipulation, Time Skip, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wishes, World Travel, Younger Sisters


Maple Leaf Connection, 枫叶缀





Xiaya reincarnated in the Dragon Ball Universe as a Saiyan 12 years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Watch him as he creates the strongest legend of Dragon Ball World from the beginning.

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